Soblet Family Tree

William Hunt (born around 1599; participant in Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellion; died in prison November 11, 1676; buried in Charles City County, Virginia) married Anne Tyler.
   William Hunt, Jr. (born around 1650; died around 1714) married Tabitha Underwood Bowler.
    William Hunt, III (born around 1683; died 1694)
    George Hunt (born around 1685; died around 1725, Charles City County, Virginia)
    John Hunt (born around 1687; died around 1731, Charles City County, Virginia) married Susanna.
    Martha Hunt married Mr. Edloe.
    Anne Hunt married John Macon.
    Mary Hunt (born May 15, 1695; died March 8, 1763, Virginia) married Robert Harrison Minge (born around 1690, Charles City County, Virginia; died around 1720, Charles City County, Virginia); married William Allen (born around 1692, York County, Virginia; died 1752, Buckingham County, Virginia; widower of Hannah Watson) around 1720; married Field Jefferson (uncle of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson) on October 31, 1753.
     Tabitha Minge (born around 1714) married Hutchins Burton.
     Ann Allen (born January 19, 1721, Henrico County, Virginia) married William Spears, Jr.
     William Hunt Allen (born May 7, 1724, Henrico County, Virginia; died around October 1806, Buckingham County, Virginia) married Elizabeth.
     John Allen (born March 27, 1726, Charles City County, Virginia; died June 27, 1754, Albemarle County, Virginia) married Bethaniah Thomas Nevil in September 1748 in James County, Virginia.
      Samuel Allen (born February 17, 1747, Virginia; American Revolution veteran; died December 16, 1799, Amherst County, Virginia) married Hannah Jopling in November 1771.
       George Allen (born January 12, 1773, Amherst County, Virginia; died January 12, 1835, White County, Tennessee) married Phebe Walker in 1798 in Virginia.
       Lucy Allen (born around 1775) married Lewis Tindall on February 18, 1793, in Amherst County, Virginia.
        Martha Jane Tindall
        Lewis Tindall, Jr.
       Jesse Allen (born June 17, 1777, Amherst County, Virginia; died around 1857, Dekalb County, Tennessee) married Nancy Walker on October 19, 1797.
       Martha (Patsy) Allen (born March 1, 1781, Amherst County, Virginia) married Jacob Tyree, Jr., on January 4, 1803.
       Samuel Hunt Allen (born around 1785, Amherst County, Virginia; died around 1831) married Polly Walker.
       John Allen (born around 1786, Amherst County, Virginia; died October 12, 1854)
       Betheniah Allen (born February 26, 1788, Amherst County, Virginia) married Leroy Camden on June 16, 1806, in Virginia.
      Jesse Allen (born around 1748, Virginia; deid June 1782, Virginia)
      Alsey Allen married Mr. Jopling.
       Jesse Jopling
     Mary Allen (born March 13, 1727, Henrico County, Virginia; died August 25, 1732, Goochland County, Virginia)
     Valentine Allen (born April 29, 1730, Goochland County, Virginia; died September 17, 1799, Rockingham County, North Carolina) married Nancy Ann Arnold on February 26, 1753, in Cumberland County, Virginia.
      Nancy Ann Allen (born around 1759, Guilford County, North Carolina; died around 1840, Rockingham County, North Carolina) married Col. Nathaniel Scales.
       Mary (Polly) Scales, (born around 1785, Rockingham County, North Carolina; died around 1848, Tallahatchee County, Mississippi) married Joseph McCain.
        William Alexander McCain (born around 1812, North Carolina; died around 1863) married Mary Louisa McAllister around 1840.
         John Sidney McCain (born around 1851, Mississippi; died around 1934) married Elizabeth-Ann Young around 1877.
          Brigadier General William Alexander McCain
          Admiral John Sidney McCain, Sr. (born August 9, 1884, Carroll County, Mississippi; died September 6, 1945, Coronado, California) married Catherine Davey Vaulx on August 9, 1909, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
           Admiral John Sidney McCain, Jr. (born January 17, 1911, Pottawattamie County, Iowa; died March 22, 1981) married Roberta Wright on January 21, 1933, in Tijuana, Mexico.
            Sandy McCain married Mr. Morgan
            U.S. Senator John Sidney McCain, III (born August 29, 1936, Coco Solo Naval Air Station, Panama Canal Zone; died August 25, 2018, Arizona) married Carol Shepp in July 1965 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; married Cindy Lou Hensley on May 17, 1980, in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona.
             Sidney McCain (born September 2, 1966)
             Meghan McCain (born October 23, 1984)
             John Sidney (Jack) McCain, IV (born May 2, 1986)
             James (Jimmy) McCain (born May 21, 1988)
            Joe McCain (born around 1942)
           James G. McCain (born around 1913)
           Catherine McCain (born around 1915)
      Mary Allen (born around 1761; died October 15, 1821, Williamson County, Tennessee) married Mr. Garland; married John Chadwell; married James Peay.
       Thomas Garland
       David Chadwell (born December 23, 1790; died January 3, 1872, Fanning County, Texas) married Jane (Jincey) Johnson.
        Mary Chadwell (born July 29, 1815; died June 17, 1888) married James T. Aldridge.
         Nancy Jane Aldridge (born around 1842; died around 1883) married Dr. William Franklin Welch.
          Mark Anthony Welch (born around 1873) married Marie Lula Lane.
           Harold Bruce Welch (born November 21, 1912; died April 29, 1995) married Jenna Louise Hawkins.
            Laura Lane Welch (born November 4, 1946, Midland County, Texas) married U.S. President George Walker Bush on November 5, 1977, in Midland County, Texas.
             Barbara Pierce Bush (born November 25, 1981, Dallas, Texas)
             Jenna Welch Bush (born November 25, 1981, Dallas, Texas) married Henry Chase Hager on May 10, 2008, in McLennan County, Texas.
                Margaret Laura (Mila) Hager (born April 13, 2013, New York County, New York)
                Poppy Louise Hager (born August 13, 2015)
     Susannah Allen (born February 8, 1732, Goochland County, Virginia; died around 1804) married 7. William Soblet (born around 1723; died 1780; son of Pierre Louis Soblet and Marte Martain) in 1751 in Virginia; married Perrin Allday around 1782.
      20. Martha (Patsy) Sublett (born around 1752, Virginia; died 1829) married Rev. John William Weatherford.
       Drusilla Weatherford (born around 1769; died 1842, Jackson County, Missouri) married William Moore on February 24, 1785, in Charlotte County, Virginia.
        Jeremiah Robert Moore (born around 1785) married Jemima Yager on March 6, 1809, in Washington County, Kentucky.
        John A. Moore
        William F. Moore
        Travis G. Moore
       101. John William Weatherford, Jr. (born 1774, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Elizabeth Gilmore.
        William Sublett Weatherford (born July 19, 1802, Mecklenburg County, Virginia; died November 30, 1896, Mecklenburg County, Virginia) married Elizabeth James Hall on February 20, 1828, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.
         Halcarne Washington Weatherford (born May 30, 1833)
         Gehue Nelson Weatherford (born March 21, 1835)
         Whitfield Watkins Weatherford (born May 4, 1837)
         Martha Ann Hall Weatherford (born October 3, 1838, Mecklenburg County, Virginia; died October 8, 1920, Collierville, Tennessee) married Peter Keough on June 13, 1865, in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.
         Roan Elizabeth Weatherford (born May 17, 1842) married Charles Riggins.
         Susan Arabella Weatherford (born March 6, 1844)
         Luiza Allen Weatherford (born June 30, 1846)
         Virginia Jackson Weatherford (born April 1, 1849)
       102. Charles Anderson Weatherford married Nancy Holt on January 17, 1806.
        Edd Weatherford
        Jane Weatherford
        Nancy Weatherford
        Richard Weatherford
        Elizabeth H. Weatherford (born 1802) married William McDowell on August 28, 1827, in Halifax County, Virginia.
        Susanna A. Weatherford (born 1804) married Richard Jennings on November 5, 1829, in Halifax County, Virginia.
        Ann Weatherford (born 1806) married William Abbott, Jr., on November 25, 1839.
        Louisa Weatherford (born 1808) married George W. Moore on December 9, 1840, in Halifax County, Virginia.
        Sally S. Weatherford (born 1810) married Sherwood B. Dove on June 21, 1841, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
        John Martin Weatherford (died February 2, 1892, Jackson County, Missouri) married Adeline Mobery Carr on December 17, 1838.
         Paul Robert Weatherford married Margaret Jane Pinkard.
          Sidney Weatherford
          Paul Weatherford
          Ethel Weatherford
          Marguerite Weatherford
         Sarah Coleman Weatherford married Harve Houchins.
          Sally Houchins married Mr. Spangler.
           Carl Spangler married Clarice Weatherford, his cousin.
         Mary Ann Weatherford (born 1841; died March 13, 1904, Jackson County, Missouri) married James K. Saunders.
         Patience Margaret Weatherford (born July 21, 1843, Virginia; died December 1, 1923, Summers County, West Virginia) married James A. Campbell.
          Ike Campbell
          Maud Green Campbell
         Charles (Saun) Jordan Weatherford (born January 16, 1845, Bedford County, Virginia; died June 16, 1923, Monroe County, West Virginia) married Amanda Mann Miller; married Sarah Jane Thompson in 1866.
          William Edward Weatherford (born April 10, 1867, Monroe County, West Virginia; died January 6, 1912, Fayette County, West Virginia)
         Nancy Elizabeth Weatherford (born April 13, 1847, Halifax County, Virginia; died April 20, 1930, Jackson County, Missouri) married Thomas Henry Witt.
          Louise Witt married Lindsey W. Pryor; married Mr. Sandrige in 1946.
           Vera Ida Tuder Pryor (died 1948)
           Wallace Bruce Pryor
           Roger Witt Pryor
           Gerald J. Pryor
           Elizabeth Kinkman Pryor
           Annetta Pryor married Mr. Hifner.
           Donald Coleman Pryor
         John Carr Weatherford (born 1854, Virginia) married Julia C. Quinn.
          George Weatherford
         James Tazewell Weatherford (born around 1859, Virginia; died 1930) married Victoria Elizabeth Shorter.
          Robert Price Weatherford, Sr.
           Robert Price Weatherford, Jr.
          Clarance Weatherford
          Clyde Weatherford
          Charles Anderson Weatherford
         Sterling Price Weatherford (born October 10, 1861, Virginia; died December 25, 1940, Summers County, West Virginia) married Nancy Jane (Nannie) Farley in West Virginia.
          Anna Weatherford
          Lydia Mobery Weatherford married Caesar Anderson.
          Thomas Carr Weatherford, Sr. (born September 16, 1882, Summers County, West Virginia; died November 12, 1955, Summers County, West Virginia) married Cindy Brown; married Miss Carpenter.
           Clarice Weatherford married Carl Spangler, her cousin.
           Emmitt Weatherford
           Sterling Brown Weatherford married Margaret Mayberry in Princeton, West Virginia.
           Josephine Weatherford married Jay Tink.
           Thomas Carr Weatherford, Jr., married Alice.
           Clyde Weatherford
          Bettie C. Weatherford (born February 27, 1885; died April 18, 1916)
          Maggie Mary Weatherford (born 1890, West Virginia) married James Allen Young.
           Zed Young (born May 22, 1911; died October 18, 1998) married Frances Louise Young; married Sophia Clay Bartman.
            Melvin Young married Vicky Thornhill.
            William Lee (Tootsie) Young married Debbie Meadows.
            Kenny Ray Young
            Neva Young married Ronnie Blankenship.
            Mary Young married William (Bill) Wachob; married Hubert I. Southern.
            Nancy Young married David Defoe; married Mr. Strickland.
            Margie Sue Young (born May 19, 1940, Warford, West Virginia) married Harvey Walwyn Keats on May 20, 1963.
             Mary Rebecca Keats (born April 10, 1964, Come-by-Chance, Newfoundland)
             Rexanna Marie Keats (born July 9, 1969, St. John's, Newfoundland)
            Nora Anne Young (born January 11, 1942, Summers County, West Virginia; died March 28, 1942, Summers County, West Virginia)
            Paul David Young (born November 1957; died 1957)
           Estel Young (born March 2, 1910; died December 1983)
           Reba Young married Carl Barton.
            James Barton
            John Barton
           Amy Young married Clair Harless.
            Shirley Harless
            Buford Harless
          John Martin James Weatherford (born May 16, 1892; died February 3, 1965, True, West Virginia) married Cora Shannon; married Elizabeth Moyer.
           Robert Sterling Weatherford
           Virginia Masterson Weatherford
           Irene Vilitoe Weatherford
           James Patrick Weatherford
          Charles Anderson Weatherford (born September 24, 1895; died 1969) married Eupha Carr Spangler.
           Charles Anderson Weatherford, Jr.
           Raymond Price Weatherford
           Leta Charlene Weatherford
          Effie Coleman Weatherford (born June 8, 1899; died December 29, 1906)
         George W. Weatherford
        Robert A. Weatherford
         Anna B. Weatherford (born January 17, 1841, Virginia) married Ward Hutchinson.
          Charles Hutchinson
          William Hutchinson
          Mary Ann Hutchinson
          Lon Hutchinson
          Robert Hutchinson
          Doss Hutchinson
          Fanny Hutchinson
         Adaline Weatherford (born November 14, 1842, Virginia) married Mr. Wilson; married Mr. Hutchson.
          Matt Wilson
         Mary Weatherford (born May 1844; Virginia)
         Nancy (Nannie) Weatherford (born March 23, 1846, Virginia)
         Charles A. Weatherford (born August 28, 1849; died July 24, 1923 Gallia County, Ohio) married Nancy E. Null on March 20, 1873, in Lawrence County, Ohio.
          Fannie G. Weatherford (born March 1874, Lawrence County, Ohio; died 1927)
           Hilda Weatherford (born around 1891)
          William Pearley Weatherford (born January 12, 1876, Gallia County, Ohio; died March 14, 1953) married Cora Boggess on January 7, 1898; married Mae Wolfe in June 1928.
           Estyl Mae Weatherford (born around 1900) married Wendell Botkin around 1920.
           Ethel Irene Weatherford (born around 1902) married John Elliott.
           Zoe Weatherford
           Alma Weatherford
          Charles Thomas Weatherford (born May 15, 1880, Lawrence County, Ohio; died August 4, 1958, Clark County, Ohio) married Roxanna Elliott around 1904 in Ohio.
           Myrtle Pricilla Weatherford (born May 27, 1905, Lawrence County, Ohio; died October 1977, Marietta, Ohio) married James Gilbert Kenney in March 1930.
           Faye Muriel Weatherford (born November 1, 1911, Lawrence County, Ohio; died January 2, 1939, Ohio) married Julius Hopewell around 1933.
           Paul Eugene Weatherford (born May 19, 1920, Lawrence County, Ohio; died December 25, 2001, Clark County, Ohio) married Virginia Mae Callicoat on September 16, 1939, in Ashland, Kentucky; married Connie Sue Hoover on May 23, 1970, in Ohio.
            Paula Jean Weatherford (born October 1, 1941, Lawrence County, Ohio) married Max Roesler on June 22, 1961, in Montgomery County, Ohio.
         Paul Weatherford (born November 14, 1852)
         Liza Weatherford (born March 6, 1857)
         Robert A. Weatherford (born around 1860) married Ida Snead on October 26, 1878, in Lawrence County, Ohio; married Sallie Smith around 1920.
         Louisa P. Weatherford (born March 22, 1862, Gallia County, Ohio; died December 1, 1903, Gallia County, Ohio) married Wilson T. Sprinkle, Jr.; married Mr. Pluma in 1882.
          Ross C. Sprinkle married Pearl.
          Nellie Sprinkle
          Georgia B. Sprinkle
          Alvin W. Sprinkle
       103. Elizabeth Weatherford (born 1778, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Joseph Mason on December 30, 1803, in Charlotte County, Virginia.
       104. Agnes Weatherford (born 1780, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Thomas Combie on January 12, 1804, in Halifax County, Virginia.
       105. Louisa Weatherford (born 1782, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Obadiah Mason on December 20, 1809, in Charlotte County, Virginia.
       106. Martha Weatherford (born 1784, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Jesse Mason on March 11, 1812, in Charlotte County, Virginia.
       107. William W. Weatherford (born 1786, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Rebecca Hamlet on May 8, 1811, in Charlotte County, Virginia.
        John Weatherford
         William Washington Weatherford, Sr.
          William Washington Weatherford, Jr.
           Laura Evelyna Ross Weatherford married Mr. Parrish.
            Ouida Grace Parrish married Wesley Weldon Ezzell.
             Mary Ellen Ezzell married William Mather Ahlstrom.
       108. Eunice (Unise) Weatherford (born around 1788, Virginia) married John McDowell on November 27, 1820, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
      21. Valentine Sublett (born around 1754, Virginia; died May 1808) married Mrs. Margaret Caldwell Brent on November 4, 1782, in Charlotte County, Virginia.
       117. Allen Sublett (born 1783) married Agnes Simpson on April 30, 1804, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
       118. Branch Sublett (born 1785; died March 28, 1814, Green County, Kentucky) married Polly Bratton on January 7, 1808.
        881. Valentine Sublett (born August 26, 1808)
        882. Allen Sublett (born September 4, 1810)
        883. Branch Sublett (born February 10, 1813)
        119. Field Sublett (born 1787; died 1869, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Eleanor Bratton on September 21, 1809, in Green County, Kentucky.
        885. Caldwell Sublett (born around 1810, Green County, Kentucky; lived in Tennessee; became sheriff of Benton County, Alabama; moved to Arkansas) married Nancy E. Taylor on September 25, 1830.
         4001. Henry T. G. Sublett (born around 1831, Tennessee)
         4002. William Caldwell (Old Ben) Sublett (born September 25, 1834, Franklin County, Tennessee; gold prospector; died January 6, 1892, Odessa, Texas) married Laura Louisa Denny.
          Olive N. (Ollie) Sublett (born May 1870, Montague County, Texas; died February 20, 1900, Hood County, Texas) married Samuel Lyon Knight on May 31, 1885, in Hood County, Texas.
          Jenny (Jessie) Cornelia Sublett (born January 2, 1872, Montague County, Texas; died December 6, 1944, El Paso, Texas) married Sidney D. Pitt on December 28, 1887, in Midland, Texas.
          Rolth (Ross) Sublett (born May 5, 1873, Montague County, Texas; burried October 14, 1953, Eddy County, New Mexico) married Bertie Boron on July 18, 1931, in Eddy County, New Mexico.
         4003. Joseph Field Sublett (born December 1835, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Mary J. Lawless on December 24, 1859, in Jackson County, Alabama.
          Ida May Sublett (born May 17, 1862, Jackson County, Alabama; died December 13, 1927, Tulare County, California) married James W. Null; married Henry James Southern.
          James Caldwell Sublett (born around 1865, Alabama; died March 24, 1948, Muskogee, Oklahoma) married Ida Bell Kelly.
           Joseph Clarence Sublett married Alice Anjo.
            Jean Sublett
            Jimmy Joe Sublett
            Mildred F. Sublett married Mr. Hunter.
             Alida Lou Hunter married Delbert E. Darling, Jr.
                Cathleen Darling married Kenneth Niebruegge.
                Marleen Darling married Mr. McKee.
                Delbert E. Darling, III
                Jake Clarence Darling
           Jimmie Belle Sublett married Elton B. Schlafer.
          Charles Sublett (born around 1866, Jackson County, Alabama)
          William Gordon Sublett (born around 1872, Jackson County, Alabama; died January 2, 1942, Beaumont, Texas)
           Monroe Fields Sublette (born August 4, 1910; died May 1, 1994, Smith County, Texas) married Mary Joe Durham; married Jessie Cleo Ray.
            Bettie Ruth Sublette (born July 3, 1931, Jefferson County, Texas)
            William Gordon Sublette (born November 23, 1939, Smith County, Texas)
            Linda Louise Sublette (born June 5, 1941, Smith County, Texas; died February 22, 1943, Smith County, Texas)
            Michael Frederich Sublette (born July 18, 1943, Smith County, Texas) married Myra.
             Trey Conan Sublette
             Kerrie Jan Sublette
            Charles Stephen Sublette (born October 12, 1946, Smith County, Texas)
            James Monroe Sublette (born August 21, 1948, Smith County, Texas)
           Lorena Sue Sublette (born around 1912) married Philip Hardtner Doughty around 1930.
           Joseph Ferres Sublette (born around 1917; died around 1935)
          Tilda Sublett (born around 1874)
         4004. Mary Ellen Sublett (born around 1841, Benton County, Alabama)
         4005. Alfred A. Sublett (born May 1843, Benton County, Alabama) married Mary E.
          Minnie Sublett (born September 1872, Arkansas)
          James H. Sublett (born January 1882, Arkansas)
          Ernest T. Sublett (born May 1885, Arkansas)
          William H. Sublett (born March 1888, Arkansas)
          Seagall B. Sublett (born November 1890)
         Emma F. Sublett (born around 1849, Benton County, Alabama)
         4006. James Sublett (born around 1850, Benton County, Alabama)
         Charles P. Sublett (born around 1854, Benton County, Alabama)
         Henrietta (Etta) Sublett (born September 5, 1858, Arkansas; died around 1890) married W. J. Parsons on October 19, 1880.
          Leila Parsons married Mr. Baker.
           Blanche Baker married Martin Ribakoff.
            Lawrence (Larry) Ribakoff
            David Ribakoff married Sandra Cohen.
             Amanda Ribakoff
             Adam Ribakoff
          Blanche Parsons
        886. John Frank Sublett (born 1820) married Dicey Ann Temple on January 8, 1843.
         Nancy Ann Sublett (born around 1846, Franklin County, Tennessee)
         John Green Sublett (born April 8, 1849, Franklin County, Tennessee; died February 28, 1903, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Laura E. Jones on September 3, 1873, in Franklin County, Tennessee.
          Ola Sublett (born September 10, 1874)
          Stella Leona Sublett (born September 29, 1877)
          Maud Sublett (born April 1880)
          Zoe Sublett (born June 1882)
         Martha Elizabeth Sublett (born around 1855, Franklin County, Tennessee; died around 1891, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Rufus Judson Corn around 1870.
         Wiley T. Sublett (born March 19, 1856, Franklin County, Tennessee; died May 22, 1922, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Mary H. Cerin on February 1, 1886, in Franklin County, Tennessee.
          Callie Sublett (born around 1884, Franklin County, Tennessee)
         Rufus Beauregard Sublett (born March 12, 1861, Franklin County, Tennessee; died June 9, 1935, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Emma Justice Stamper on August 14, 1879, in Dercherd, Tennessee; married Cordelia Elizabeth Sanders on September 17, 1902, in Grundy County, Tennessee.
          Oswald Raymond Sublett (born June 29 1881, Franklin County, Tennessee; died April 21, 1960, Hot Springs, Arkansas) married Katherine Gilson on October 29, 1903, in Leavenworth, Kansas.
           Gilson Edward Sublett married Audrey E. Nixon.
            Kathryn Elizabeth Sublett married Harold A. Harrell.
          Mark V. Sublett (born May 1882, Franklin County, Tennessee; died 1903, Franklin County, Tennessee)
          Daisy Clinton Sublett (born August 29, 1885, Tennessee; died 1904, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Robert Stamps in 1903 in Franklin County, Tennessee.
          Victor Sublett (born December 2, 1887, Franklin County, Tennessee; died October 2, 1952, Los Angeles, California)
          Trenton Sublett (born March 25, 1889, Franklin County, Tennessee; died around 1911, Oregon)
          Alma Sublett (born September 12 1890, Franklin County, Tennessee; died 1907, Franklin County, Tennessee)
          Irene Sublett (born January 7, 1893, Franklin County, Tennessee; died 1985) married Marsh Earl Williford on April 21, 1928, in Maryville, Tennessee.
          John Carlyle Sublett (born June 13, 1896, Franklin County, Tennessee; died October 20, 1939, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin) married Nancy Ione Hollis.
          Emma Sublett (born 1899, Franklin County, Tennessee; died 1899, Franklin County, Tennessee)
          Rufus Beauregard (Ty) Sublett, Jr. (born August 2, 1903, Franklin County, Tennessee; died December 2, 1974, Sewanee, Tennessee) married Avis Elizabeth Gilliam.
           Hessie Elizabeth Sublett married Mr. Jarvie; married Mr. Baxter.
            David Mark Jarvie
           John Carlyle Sublett, Sr. (born April 25, 1940, Franklin County, Tennessee; died July 2, 2007, Franklin County, Tennessee; Vietnam War veteran) married Bertha Delma Nash.
            John Carlyle (Little John) Sublett, Jr. (born around 1971, Franklin County, Tennessee; died October 25, 2012, Davidson County, Tennessee)
            Sonseearay Sublett married Mr. Shahan; married Terry Gaither.
             Kayla Hall Shahan
             Kristin Ray Shahan
           Thomas Allen (Tom) Sublett married Jan.
           Patrick Mark Sublett married Megan.
           Michael Frank Sublett married Jane Hart; married Sandra.
            Jane Sublett
          Mary Louise Sublett (born November 7, 1904, Tennessee) married Roy Hollis Brock in August 1921 in Franklin County, Tennessee.
          Zenia Dowling Sublett (born May 19, 1908, Franklin County, Tennessee; died March 23, 1966, Tullahoma, Tennessee) married C. Clenning; married G. Papi.
          Faycilla (Fayecilla) Elizabeth Sublett (born December 11, 1911, Franklin County, Tennessee; died February 22, 1964, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Virgil E. Swann.
           Barbara Swann married Mr. Weaver.
            Terry Weaver
            Patricia Wynne Weaver
            Cindy Weaver
          Minta Frank Sublett (born January 19, 1914, Franklin County, Tennessee; died May 16, 1972, Madison County, Alabama) married Ela (Elah) Norene Kennamer on April 19, 1941.
          Jessie Jean Sublett (born May 18, 1920, Franklin County, Tennessee; died January 14, 2002, Flatwoods, Kentucky) married Early Alston Myatt, Jr., on February 25, 1939.
           Early Alston Myatt, III
           Crockett Myatt
           Norman Sublett Myatt married Elizabeth.
         Ida May Sublett (born around 1863, Franklin County, Tennessee)
         Walter Lee Sublett (born around 1867, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Alice.
        887. Martha Sublett married William B. Fagg on July 30, 1843.
        888. Eleanor Sublett married James P. Griffin on August 28, 1845.
        889. William Bonaparte Sublett (born around 1815, Green County, Kentucky; died around 1880) married Elizabeth O. Strother Carter on August 24, 1848; married Mary Ann Knight.
         William J. Sublett (born 1849, Franklin County, Tennessee)
         Mary E. Sublett (born 1851, Franklin County, Tennessee)
         John Frank Sublett (born June 10, 1853, Franklin County, Tennessee; died September 4, 1934, Ellis County, Texas) married Lucy Henrietta Johnson on January 10, 1881, in Ellis County, Texas.
          William Bonaparte (Billie) Sublett (born August 15, 1882, Ellis County, Texas; died December 29, 1933, Ellis County, Texas) married Jimmie Ann Miller.
           William George Sublett (born March 13, 1905, Ellis County, Texas; died September 30, 1974, Texas)
           Alta Lee Sublett (born June 30, 1906, Ellis County, Texas; died June 5, 1994, Tyler, Texas) married James Jasper Hooten around 1927 in Ellis County, Texas.
           Lester Bennett Sublett (born September 26, 1908, Ellis County, Texas; died August 6, 1986, Texas) married Ruby Pearl Muirhead around 1931 in Ellis County, Texas.
            Patsy Janell Sublett (born November 1, 1933, Ellis County, Texas)
           Edna Marie Sublett (born November 14, 1910, Ellis County, Texas) married Charles A. B. Smith around 1928 in Ellis County, Texas.
           Lucille Sublett (born January 12, 1913, Ellis County, Texas; died May 20, 1993, Texas) married Garland Ray on September 9, 1932, in Ellis County, Texas.
           Charlie Miller Sublett (born August 23, 1915, Ellis County, Texas; died April 27, 1918, Ellis County, Texas)
           L. E. Clark Sublett (born November 11, 1917, Ellis County, Texas)
           Bobbie Frank Sublett (born February 6, 1920, Ellis County, Texas) married Margaret Mizel; married Grace Angel.
            Bobbie Ray Sublett (born August 16, 1938)
            Brenda Sue Sublett married Mike Chatham.
           Neeland Sublett (born September 14, 1922; died December 1, 1944, France)
           Jimmie McCall Sublett (born June 7, 1925, Ellis County, Texas; died March 15, 1926, Ellis County, Texas)
           Marjorie Ann Sublett (born October 28, 1929, Ellis County, Texas) married Travis Bowie Pearson on May 7, 1952, in Dallas, Texas.
          Mamie Sublett (born January 18, 1887, Ellis County, Texas; died December 10, 1948, Ellis County, Texas) married William Henry Slocum.
          Lizzie Sublett (born November 20, 1889, Ellis County, Texas; died August 20, 1909) married Mr. Goddard.
          John Calvin Sublett (born October 15, 1891, Ellis County, Texas; died August 4, 1963, Ellis County, Texas) married Georgia Viola Prestidge on June 12, 1912, in Ellis County, Texas.
           Velletta Alene Sublett (born May 3, 1914, Ellis County, Texas; died October 1, 1914, Ellis County, Texas)
           Dorothy Lavern Sublett (born October 11, 1915; died March 30, 1996, Phoenix, Arizona) married Raymond Lawrence Gardner on June 27, 1934.
           Lawrence Pershing Sublett (born July 28, 1918, Ellis County, Texas; died January 3, 1990, Ellis County, Texas) married Juanita Tatum on October 17, 1936; married Nellie Estelle Cashion on September 3, 1944.
            Janet Nell Sublett married Ronnie Stevens on February 19, 1965.
           Daphne Adeane Sublett (born October 31, 1920, Ellis County, Texas) married T. M. Clark on December 10, 1939, in Ellis County, Texas.
           Aletta Lesline Sublett (born March 23, 1922) married Alton Owen Matthews on April 21, 1940.
           Awetha Gwendolyn Sublett (born September 5, 1927, Ellis County, Texas; died February 3, 1997, Ellis County, Texas) married Henry Curtis Shoemaker on August 3, 1963.
           Harold Sublett (born March 14, 1930, Ellis County, Texas; died March 14, Ellis County, Texas)
          Daniel Profit Sublett, Sr. (born April 1, 1895, Ellis County, Texas; died June 14, 1985, Ellis County, Texas) married Hattie L. Rife; married Ada Lee Rogers.
           Hortense Sublett (born November 18, 1920, Ellis County, Texas) married Walter Clayton Chambers, Sr., on December 7, 1941.
           Daniel Profit Sublett, Jr. (born November 1, 1928, Ellis County, Texas; died April 12, 2002, Dallas, Texas) married Doris Burns in 1953.
            Dana Sublett (born September 14, 1964, Texas) married Michael McCormick in 1994.
             Holly McCormick (born December 10, 1999, Dallas, Texas)
            Gregg Sublett (born June 24, 1966, Texas)
            Karen Sublett (born November 29,1969, Texas) married Chris Twitty on December 27, 1996.
           Mary Carroll Sublett (born March 30, 1945, Ellis County, Texas) married Richard Vasquez on February 27, 1971.
           Ester Lynn Sublett (born June 10, 1949, Ellis County, Texas) married Judith C. Bohanon on July 31, 1970, in Ellis County, Texas.
            Amanda Sublett (born August 16, 1976, Ellis County, Texas)
            Clint Sublett (born May 24, 1978, Ellis County, Texas)
          Samuel W. Sublett (born July 20, 1898, Ellis County, Texas; died November 15, 1918)
         Callaway Turner Sublett (born August 15, 1856, Franklin County, Tennessee; died January 15, 1930, Hood County, Texas) married Lurilda McNabb; married Mary Susie Miller; married Tinnie White Bork.
          Charles Sublett (born May 12, 1896, Ellis County, Texas; died June 8, 1961, Los Angeles, California) married Edna Lorene Blocksom.
           Charles Richard (Chuck) Sublett (born May 2, 1928, Glendale, California) married Elizabeth Patricia McCluskey on June 11, 1955, in Los Angeles, California.
            Carol Anne Sublett (born April 28, 1959, Orange County, California) married David Eric Zerbel on November 6, 1982, in Nevada City, California.
            Terri Susan Sublett (born October 29, 1961, Orange County, California) married Paul Sanders on September 24, 1994)
             Kelsey Lynn Sanders (born December 6, 1998)
            Laurie Lee Sublett (born September 9, 1963, Orange County, California) married Jeffery Rowe on July 25, 1988.
          James Enoch Sublett, Sr. (born February 5, 1898, Ellis County, Texas; died May 13, 1980, Tujunga, California) married Hazel Richardson on October 28, 1917, in Hood County, Texas.
           Norma Jean Sublett (born June 16, 1921, Hood County, Texas) married Henry Earl Hager; married Robert Lee Askeland.
           James E. (Jim) Sublett, Jr. (born April 13, 1925, Los Angeles, California; died June 26, 2004) married Doris Jean Woods on June 27, 1947, in Los Angeles County, California; married Velma Kathryn Enlow.
            Diane Patricia Sublett (born December 23, 1951) married James Anderson on May 18, 1990.
            James Randolph (Randy) Sublett (born May 26, 1954)
          Henry Mahlon Sublett (born September 26, 1899, Ellis County, Texas; died January 14, 1955, Tarrant County, Texas) married Lena May Gafford on July 25, 1919, in Hood County, Texas.
           Charles Derwin Sublett (born November 7, 1920, Hood County, Texas; died December 13, 1997, Fort Worth, Texas) married Nellie Jo Dorris on May 8, 1946, in Erath County, Texas.
            Charles Gregory Sublett (born March 30, 1947, Erath County, Texas) married Geneva Mae Waldrup around 1966 in Hood County, Texas; married Shirley Robertson on July 26, 1973.
             Darran Ray Sublett (Dutton) (born January 10, 1967) married Madgeana Caughman.
                Molly Dutton (born September 9, 1992)
                Charles Hagen Dutton (born August 26, 1996)
             Selena Sublett (Dutton) (born September 10, 1968) married Odell Herron; married M. David Melton.
                Shana Herron (born October 20, 1988)
                Sean Herron (born July 6, 1990)
                Shelby Herron (born May 25, 1992)
             Jennifer Sublett (Dutton) (born May 5, 1970) married Larry Sherman.
                Dustin Sherman (born November 15, 1989)
                Andrew Sherman (born February 20, 1991)
                Dami Sherman (born March 3, 1994)
            Nickie Jo (Nick) Sublett (born August 1, 1950, Hood County, Texas) married Donna Ovella Tate on December 18, 1971, in Ellis County, Texas.
             Rowonna Jo Sublett (born February 5, 1977) married Donnie Childress; married Aaron McNeely.
                Kiera McNeely
             Jason Ross Sublett (born April 2, 1980; died April 2, 1980)
             Entee Lakirk Sublett (born August 27, 1982) married Carlissa A. Hill on June 8, 2002, in Brown County, Texas; married Lacie D. Johnson on November 6, 2010, in Hamilton County, Texas.
                Weston Kane Sublett (born December 7, 2003)
            Clyde Henry Sublett (born February 28, 1952, Parker County, Texas) married Debra Sue Fincannon on December 27, 1973, in Erath County, Texas.
             Charles Martin (Marty) Sublett (born January 18, 1978) married Laura Phillips on November 2, 2002.
                Taylor De Sublett (born May 9, 2006)
             Melissa Sue Sublett (born January 5, 1981)
             Mindy Dawn Sublett (born February 28, 1984)
            Patty Lynn Sublett (born December 22, 1955, Erath County, Texas) married Arthur Glen Edwards, Jr., on June 1, 1973, in Erath County, Texas; married Mike Morrison on January 31, 2000.
             Sonya Lynn Edwards (born June 16, 1975)
             Kevin Devain Edwards (born January 12, 1978) married Jenny Hale on July 11, 1998.
                Trinity Nichole Edwards (born November 15, 2004)
                Levi Thomas Edwards (March 2, 2007)
             KayeLyn Morrison (born January 8, 2004)
           Mary Lou Sublett (born September 20, 1926, Hood County, Texas) married Bill Eugene Tate on June 17, 1946, in Denton County, Texas.
            Eugenia Lou (Jena) Tate (born November 15, 1947, Erath County, Texas) married Larry Daniels.
             Scott Daniels
             Merri Kristen Daniels
            Melissa Tate married Doug Brown.
            Henry Mahlon Tate married Melanie Ann Tanner.
             Ashley Mahlon Tate married Michael Flowers.
             Margaret Lee (Maggie) Tate married Jason Whitt.
           Pat Mahlon Sublett (born April 26, 1935, Hood County, Texas) married Kathleen Joann Jones on August 12, 1960, in Palo Pinto County, Texas.
            Jill Ann Sublett (born November 16, 1962, Los Angeles County, California) married Steve Coan on February 14, 1990.
             Christopher Steven Coan (born December 29, 1992)
             Grace Anne Coan (born June 1, 1994)
             Benjamin Patrick Coan (born November 19, 1996)
             Joshua Livingstone Coan (born January 17, 2002)
             Caleb Garrison Coan (born September 15, 2005)
            Karen Lynne Sublett (born June 6, 1965, Los Angeles County, California) married William Mitchell on December 17, 1988.
             William Joseph Mitchell (born December 11, 1997)
             David Patrick Mitchell (born March 28, 2000)
             Katherine Elizabeth Mitchell (born May 19, 2005)
             Lauren Anne Mitchell (born August 3, 2007)
           Patsy Mae Sublett (born April 26, 1935, Hood County, Texas; died February 5, 1990, Hood County, Texas) married Paul Norman Edwards on September 4, 1951, in Hood County, Texas.
          Jacob Sublett (born June 9, 1901; died August 22, 1901, Ellis County, Texas)
          John Sublett (born June 9, 1901; died September 21, 1901, Ellis County, Texas)
          Bluford Sublett (born August 28, 1902; died September 7, 1902, Palo Pinto County, Texas)
          Rufus Clifford Sublett (born September 24, 1907, Palo Pinto County, Texas; died December 11, 1994, Fort Worth, Texas) married Firl Porter on February 23, 1929, in Palo Pinto County, Texas.
           Jacqueline Joan Sublett (born September 10, 1930, Hood County, Texas) married Odell Melvin Wallum on June 30, 1950, in Fort Worth, Texas.
           Jerry Carson Sublett, Sr. (born September 26, 1932, Palo Pinto County, Texas) married Teddy Jo Hammonds on June 2, 1953, in Fort Worth, Texas.
            Catherine Kay Sublett (born August 27, 1958, Fort Worth, Texas) married Kenneth Jason Thompson on April 14, 1979, in Greensboro, North Carolina.
            Jerry Carson Sublett, Jr. (born August 21, 1961, El Paso, Texas) married Sandra Lyn Newton on July 6, 1985, in Ellenboro, North Carolina.
         Rebecca Sublett (born November 12, 1860, Franklin County, Tennessee; died September 1883, Johnson County, Texas) married Samuel Z. Culberhouse on August 27, 1882, in Johnson County, Texas.
         Elizabeth Frances Sublett (born November 15, 1862; died October 4, 1936, King County, Washington) married Henry Thomas Connelly on November 17, 1880, in Ellis County, Texas.
         Edward McLeland Sublett (born October 29, 1868, Franklin County, Tennessee; died February 7, 1925, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Ellen Lane on October 27, 1923.
         Jack Caldwell Sublett (born April 2, 1875, Franklin County, Tennessee; died October 10, 1958, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Lula Angeline Reser on April 29, 1903.
          Mary Sublett (born April 5, 1901; died April 5, 1901)
          Edna Yula Sublett (born February 12, 1904, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; died August 19, 1929, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Thomas Cero Taylor on October 22, 1922, in Muskogee County, Oklahoma.
           Tommy Mildred Taylor (born April 22, 1924, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; died February 2, 1925, Muskogee County, Oklahoma)
           Calvin Gene Taylor (born August 18, 1926, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Gladys L. Lyons on January 25, 1947, in Muskogee County, Oklahoma; married Geneva Ann Dugger on January 14, 1958, in Stigler, Oklahoma.
            Linda Sue Taylor (born July 13, 1950, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Patrick Bell on May 10, 1969, in Cherokee County, Oklahoma.
            Connie Jean Taylor (born June 10, 1953, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Mark Tassin on May 22, 1974, in Cherokee County, Oklahoma; married James Hall on June 16, 1979, in Joplin, Missoiri.
            Sheri Elaine Taylor (born September 5, 1958, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Kent Durelle Greenwood on July 19, 1985, in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.
            Adopted children:
            Beverly Lynn Smith Taylor (born April 9, 1951, Mayes County, Oklahoma) married Steven Neal Rousey on August 21, 1971, in Muskogee County, Oklahoma.
           Yula Theodore (Teddy) Taylor (born May 25, 1929, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Mable Marie Biggs on January 20, 1950, in Muskogee County, Oklahoma.
            Kenneth Theodore Taylor (born April 19, 1952, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Sue Lavern Perry on January 6, 1973, in Muskogee County, Oklahoma; married Lola; married Joy Diann Fellows Ellis on May 12, 1997, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
            Thomas Edward (Tommy) Taylor (born June 4, 1955, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Mildred June Seabolt in March 1973; married Debbie Sudderth; married Kimberly Lauren Wiegal on January 10, 1984; married Billie Ruth Sellmeyer Talbott on March 12, 1993; married Janet Wiley on November 18, 1998.
            Bryce Lee Taylor (born December 6, 1960, Cherokee County, Oklahoma) married Patty Gail Thomas on May 17, 1980; married Vergana Spradlin on May 19, 1984; married Kimberly Morrison in 1986; married Vonnie Lynn Spradlin in June 1991; married Kay Lynn Yandell on October 9, 1988.
            Angela Lou Taylor (born November 25, 1963, Cherokee County, Oklahoma) married Brent Allen Bradley on January 23, 1982, in Muskogee County, Oklahoma; married Jerry L. Bennett on April 24, 1996, in Sebastian County, Arkansas; married David Mark Huie on July 3, 2005, in Commerce, Texas.
          Esther Elizabeth Sublett (born December 25, 1907, Muskogee County, Oklahoma)
          Arney Dee Sublett (born March 17, 1911, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Morris C. Salyer on November 7, 1934, in McIntosh County, Oklahoma.
           Shirley Dee Salyer (born September 13, 1936, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; died September 29, 1998, Tulsa County, Oklahoma) married Joe Ballard on February 2, 1954; married Bob Brewer in 1965.
          Jack Abraham (BlackJack) Sublett (born September 20, 1916, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; died December 27, 2014; World War II veteran) married Mary Halcomb around 1937; married Vesta M. Reynolds on September 9, 1942, in Muskogee County, Oklahoma; married Dorothy Mae Murray on March 3, 1946, in Columbus, Kansas.
           Ronald Jack (Ronnie) Sublett (born May 13, 1938, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; died September 22, 2005, Yolo County, California; Korean War veteran) married Linda Curry on August 24, 1963, in Reno, Nevada; married Sandie.
            Ronald Jack (Beaver) Sublett, Jr. (born April 23, 1965, Yolo County, California) married Kathy Simpson on September 20, 2003.
            Brett Matthew Sublett (born March 24, 1972, Yolo County, California) married Jo Gillespie.
             Ronan James Sublett (born October 2, 2007)
           Roger Morris Sublett (born September 9, 1939, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Bonnie Fleischauer on August 19, 1967, in Yolo County, California.
            Destyn Sublett (born March 13, 1970, San Francisco, California) married Jose Guadalupe (Lupe) Chavez.
             Elizabeth Jane Sublett-Bivins
             Ivan Chavez (born April 24, 2014)
            Taylor W. Sublett (born June 29, 1972, Santa Clara, California)
            Ross Victor Sublett (born September 21, 1975, Santa Clara, California)
           Jackina Sublett (born December 14, 1946, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Tony Stark.
            Stacey Stark married Mr. Meyers.
            Leanne Stark married Mr. West.
           Loren Dale Sublett (born July 15, 1949, Dennison, Texas) married Robert Sadler in Muskogee County, Oklahoma; married Joe Garrett in December 1973 in Muskogee County, Oklahoma; married Merrel Blehem on November 26, 1988, in Muskogee County, Oklahoma.
           Lance Steven Sublett (born July 11, 1952, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Leah Wilbrun on August 10, 1973, in Wagoner, Oklahoma; married Brenda Kerlee.
          Lucile Angeline Sublett (born September 7, 1919, Muskogee County, Oklahoma; died September 14, 1971, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Orville Ridenour on September 29, 1940.
           Patricia Ridenour (born September 8, 1941, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Donald McMahan in Muskogee County, Oklahoma.
           Carolyn Ridenour (born August 15, 1944, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Mr. Covey; married Carl Oslin in Muskogee County, Oklahoma.
           Beverly Lynn Ridenour (born January 20, 1949, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married John Huggins in Muskogee County, Oklahoma.
           James Douglas Ridenour (born December 2, 1951, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Elizabeth Waters.
           Donald Jack Ridenour (born November 7, 1953, Muskogee County, Oklahoma) married Rona.
        Margaret (Mattie) Sublett (born August 11, 1817, Adair County, Kentucky; died November 10, 1894, Franklin County, Tennessee) married Benjamin Starky (Ben) O'Rear on February 4, 1830, in Franklin County, Tennessee.
         William F O'Rear (born 1832; died 1881)
         John Caldwell O'Rear (born 1834; died 1912)
         Allen Bonaparte O'Rear (born 1836; died 1866)
         Martha Elizabeth O'Rear (born 1839; died 1912)
         Esther Josephine O'Rear (born 1843; died 1855)
         Elisha Marvin O'Rear (born 1845; died 1911)
         Sims Kelly O'Rear (born 1846; died 1927)
         Benjamen Thomas O'Rear (born 1849; died 1924)
         Henry Hunt O'Rear (born 1850; died 1926)
         Mary Alice O'Rear (born June 26, 1852, Franklin County, Tennessee)
         Margaret E. O'Rear (born December 6, 1854, Franklin County, Tennessee)
        890. Susan Sublett (born February 19, 1824, Franklin County, Tennessee; died December 21, 1902, Benton County, Arkansas) married George Washington Warren on January 2, 1849, in Franklin County, Tennessee.
         Martha Ella Warren
         Mary Eliza Warren
         George Warren, Jr.
         Susan Emma Warren
         Charles Porter Warren
         Calma Cordelia Warren
         Stephen Walter Warren
         William Bonaparte Warren (born July 3, 1849, Franklin County, Tennessee; died October 20, 1932, Lewis County, Washington) married Catherine Marie Martin.
         Thomas Allen Warren
        891. Thomas A. Sublett (born around 1830, Franklin County, Tennessee; died July 26, 1897, Texas) married Frances Luretta Stephens on August 25, 1856, in Franklin County, Tennessee.
         Sarah Ann Sublett (born July 17, 1857, Missouri; died September 1, 1926, Gray County, Texas) married William Carroll Phillips on March 5, 1874, in Madison County, Alabama.
          Marcus Phillips (born August 25, 1875, Madison County, Alabama)
          Arthur Phillips (born October 13, 1877, Johnson County, Texas; died around 1929)
          Benjamin Phillips (born December 27, 1878, Parker County, Texas; died March 22, 1899, Parker County, Texas)
          Alice Phillips (born March 7, 1881, Comanche County, Texas; died around 1957)
          John Rish Phillips (born June 18, 1883, Parker County, Texas; died April 29, 1964) married Effie M.
           William C. Phillips (born 1910, Texas)
          Ella Nora Phillips (born December 17, 1885, Parker County, Texas; died March 15, 1963)
          Maud Ann Phillips (born May 22, 1888, Parker County, Texas; died October 12, 1959, Potter County, Texas)
          Lavada Phillips (born December 31, 1890, Parker County, Texas; died June 12, 1973, Potter County, Texas)
          Willie Pearl Phillips (born February 22, 1893, Parker County, Texas) married T. A. Bodine.
           Thomas Alvin Bodine (born April 9, 1916, Texas)
           Louise L. Bodine (born 1924, Texas)
          Thomas Carroll Phillips (born June 6, 1896, Parker County, Texas; died February 4, 1968)
          Viola Beatrice Phillips (born December 20, 1898, Parker County, Texas; died March 22, 1899)
          Floyd Phillips (born November 28, 1903, Parker County, Texas) married Lorene Meek.
         William Caldwell Sublett (born October 1859, Barry County, Missouri; died 1934, Caddo County, Oklahoma) married Martha Ellen Dennis on October 26, 1880, in Johnson County, Texas.
          Martha Ozella Sublett (born January 4, 1878; died June 19, 1967)
          Etta Pearl Sublett (born August 7, 1881, Johnson County, Texas; died September 28, 1967, Tulare County, California) married Henry Green Reeder on November 20, 1898, in Somervell County, Texas.
           Una Reeder (born around 1900, Texas) married Mr. Huckaby.
           Willie Ursla (Pearl) Reeder (born January 5, 1905, Somervell County, Texas)
           Rupert Russell Reeder (born around 1909, Oklahoma)
           Donald Marion Reeder (born September 3, 1910, Washita County, Oklahoma; died August 9, 1971, San Mateo County, California) married Hazel Marie Shorter on November 5, 1932, in Washita County, Oklahoma.
            Wilma Don Reeder (born December 28, 1933, Washita County, Oklahoma) married Carl Olof Rosander on July 2, 1952, in Washoe County, Nevada.
             Carleton Eric Rosander (born June 8, 1953, San Francisco, California) married Karen Renee Henson on December 6, 2000, in Coos County, Oregon.
             Aaron Nils Rosander (born January 5, 1957, San Francisco, California) married Debra Lorraine Chapman on August 1, 1987, in Santa Clara County, California.
             Myron Stewart Rosander (born July 24, 1960, Santa Clara County, California)
           Albert L. Reeder (born around 1912, Oklahoma)
           Floyd Reeder (born around 1913)
           Sterling M. Reeder (born November 3, 1914, Oklahoma; died February 26, 1993, Owyhee County, Idaho)
           Jewel Ellen (Ella Jewell) Reeder (born March 21, 1916, Oklahoma; died May 11, 1977) married Lester Elmo Phillips.
            Elmon Ray Phillips married Janice Catherine O'Brien.
           Mattie Lee Reeder (born October 30, 1918, Oklahoma; died May 1, 1954, Fresno County, California) married Mr. Ragsdale.
           Oneta Reeder (born 1921, Oklahoma)
           Vera F. Reeder (born 1924, Oklahoma)
          Charles (Charley) Thomas Sublett (born December 10, 1884, Johnson County, Texas; died September 5, 1960, San Mateo County, California) married Victoria A. Pecnovisky.
           David Ralph Sublett (born September 12, 1912, Oklahoma; died May 4, 1954, Alameda County, California) married Josephine Pearl Lipka.
            David Ralph Sublett, Jr. (born July 18, 1942, San Francisco County, California) married Jean Daily on April 3, 1965.
             David Ralph Sublett, III (born August 14, 1965, Reno, Nevada)
                Austin Sublett (born November 17, 1995, Reno, Nevada)
             Richard Donald Sublett (born September 8, 1966, Reno, Nevada) married Pamela Thane on September 18, 1999.
                Trinity Danielle Sublett (born July 20, 2000, Reno, Nevada)
             Diana Lynn Sublett (born September 23, 1967, Reno, Nevada)
            Richard Joseph Sublett (born May 27, 1943)
             Brian Joseph Sublett (born March 24, 1976)
           Raymond C. Sublett (born April 26, 1915, Texas; died December 21, 1958, Washoe County, Nevada; World War II veteran) married Nelle Nation Smith.
            Cordine Sublett married Mr. Kirk.
            Raymond C. Sublett, Jr., married Carol Ann Papp on April 8, 1972, in Washoe County, Nevada.
           Elva Lorine (Lorene) Sublett (born August 2, 1922, Collingsworth County, Texas) married Isaac H. Poole on February 2, 1953, in San Francisco County, California.
           William T. Sublett married Martha A.
          Lillian B. (Lillie Bell) Sublett (born February 1888, Johnson County, Texas; died May 10, 1925, Texas) married Eugene Bennett on May 24, 1910; married Ernest Calvin Douglas on February 13, 1915.
           Dee Ira Bennett (born January 11, 1911, Comanche County, Texas; died May 30, 1981, Caddo County, Oklahoma) married Velma Clinton on November 6, 1937, in Oklahoma.
           William Joe Douglas (born December 27, 1915, Texas; died March 15, 2007, Rains Rains County, Texas) married Vivian Inez Cody.
           Vivian Douglas (born December 22, 1919, Taylor County, Texas; died May 16, 2010, Dallas County, Texas)
           Lynn Douglas (born around 1922, Texas)
           Wanda Lillie Douglas (born May 10, 1925, Jones County, Texas; died November 7, 2008, Taylor County, Texas) married Lee Samuel Tipton.
          William Ernest Sublett (born October 21, 1892, Johnson County, Texas; died February 3, 1957, Bryan County, Oklahoma) married Essie Lena McElroy on April 15, 1927, in Oklahoma.
          Norman Oris Sublett (born April 22, 1901, Johnson County, Texas; died June 19, 1953) married Mary Hazel Barbee.
           Norman Oris Sublett, Jr.
            Wendy Sublett married Mr. Anderson.
           Tommy Lee Sublett (died 1985)
          George Allen Sublett (born March 12, 1902, Erath County, Texas; died November 26, 1950, Caddo County, Oklahoma) married Lorraine McElroy.
          Evelyn J. Sublett (born around 1913)
         Francis Ellen Sublett (born February 22, 1862, Franklin County, Tennessee; died June 16, 1928, Travis County, Texas) married Norman N. Kenady on December 20, 1880, in Johnson County, Texas.
          Allie Kenady (born around 1886, Texas)
          Claudie Mae Kenady (born May 11, 1889 died August 7, 1962)
         Mary Elizabeth Sublett (born January 20, 1865, Boone County, Missouri; died September 29, 1955, El Paso, Texas) married William Thomas Emler on December 25, 1888, in Johnson County, Texas; married Mr. Smith.
          Florence May Emler (born October 8, 1895) married Frank H. Sylvia; married Mr. Bowlen.
          Margaret Emler (born November 4, 1898) married Harry Percifield; married Ralph Bradley.
          Tommie Emler (born November 12, 1899, Tucumcari, New Mexico; died December 1967, El Paso, Texas) married Harry Taylor.
          Betty Lou Emler (born March 17, 1902) married Louis Schwabe.
          Ben Emler (born January 20, 1905, Cleburne, Texas; died August 7, 1947, El Paso, Texas) married Refugio Villapando.
          Rollie Carson Emler (born October 12, 1912, Almagorda, New Mexico; died May 27, 1984, Bakersfield, California) married Mary Gordy; married Alice Botts Baker.
         Thomas J. Sublett (born around 1869, Tennessee)
         Clara B. Sublett (born around 1871, Tennessee) married C. P. Warren on March 5, 1891, in Johnson County, Texas.
         Margaret (Maggie) Sublett (born July 9, 1873, Alabama; died March 25, 1959) married Benjamin Franklin Boyd.
          Ollie Boyd (born September 1893)
          Barney Boyd (born October 1896)
          Curtis Boyd (born May 1898)
          William L. Boyd (born June 28, 1901; died July 27, 1973) married Lois L. Moser in Oklahoma.
           Bill C. Boyd (born February 7, 1937, Tarrant County, Texas; died September 7, 2000, Conroe, Texas) married Barbara Sue Burns on October 7, 1958, in Houston, Texas.
            Bill Calvin Boyd, Jr. (born October 5, 1959) married Donna Sue Lorenz on January 20, 1996, in Pasadena, Texas.
             Isaac M. Boyd (born November 21, 1998, Houston, Texas)
            Robert L. Boyd (born November 24, 1960) married Alecia Scott on August 1, 1987, in Quinlan, Texas.
             Britton S. Boyd (born February 11, 1988, Texas)
            Paula S. Boyd (born May 23, 1962) married Elwood Hartman.
            Karen L. Boyd (born October 6, 1965) married Tracy Harper.
             Travis V. Harper (born October 14, 1987)
             Thomas L. Harper
          Oleta Ruth Boyd (born May 21, 1919; died September 27, 1921)
         John Napoleon Sublett (born May 23, 1876, Dallas, Texas; died August 1968, Randall County, Texas) married Callie Paulina Neill on September 9, 1903, in Parker County, Texas.
          Opal Luretta Sublett (born September 4, 1904, Texas; died April 3, 1999, Gray County, Texas) married Chleo Atlee Davis in 1927 in Potter County, Texas.
           Billy Jo Davis (born 1918, Texas) married Gilbert Weldon Turner on November 23, 1949, in Lea County, New Mexico.
           Donald Duane Davis (born November 15, 1929) married Miss Clement.
          Anna Lydia Sublett (born 1906, Texas) married Mr. Berry.
          Marie A. Sublett (born May 14, 1908, Parker County, Texas; died November 29, 2004, PotterĘCounty, Texas) married Herbert Smith; married Chester Bird.
           Dale Smith married Ruth.
           Joyce Smith married Mr. Howell.
           Carolyn Smith married Ronnie Arendall.
          Effie Kate Sublett (born May 6, 1910, Gray County, Texas; died October 5, 2008) married Vence Guydell Woodburn; married John Moore.
           Marisue Woodburn (born June 27, 1940, Potter County, Texas; died September 5, 2004, Randall County, Texas) married Sputter Thomason on October 29, 1960, in Lubbock County, Texas.
            Terry Don Thomason married Brenda.
             Ryan Thomason
             Seth Thomason
            Judy Thomason married Joel Bratcher.
             Jordan Bratcher
             Jonathan Bratcher
            Myles Thomason married Sheila.
             Avery Jo Thomason
             Judge Thomason
           Dana Woodburn married Bob Churchill.
          Verlon Donnell (Buster) Sublett (born December 17, 1912, Gray County, Texas; died February 23, 2009, Deaf Smith County, Texas) married Bonnie Rea Bass on July 5, 1941, in Beckham County, Oklahoma.
           Troy Sublett (born January 31, 1946, Collingsworth County, Texas; died April 7, 1998, Randall County, Texas) married Susan Hite on December 28, 1972, in Hutchinson County, Texas.
            Taylor Ann Sublett married Tyler Westgarth Merrick on March 10, 2001, in Deaf Smith County, Texas.
            Ben Sublett
           John Wayne Sublett (born June 24, 1948, Gray County, Texas) married Cindy Close.
           Jerry Mac Sublett married Connie Jo Hoover on August 19, 1971, in Deaf Smith County, Texas.
            Jill Sublett
            Jacob Charles Sublett married Elizabeth Ann (Beth) Stennis on June 4, 1999, in Randall County, Texas.
            David Jeremy Sublett married Jennifer Dianne Stephenson on June 21, 2003, in Armstrong County, Texas.
          Vernon Thomas Sublett (born March 24, 1918, Gray County, Texas; died February 4, 2008)
         Minnie Myrtle Sublett (born December 7, 1878, Texas; died July 1, 1959) married Joseph H. Martin.
         Edward Allen Sublett (born January 28, 1881, Johnson County, Texas; died April 16, 1956, Wheeler County, Texas) married Martha Amanda (Mattie) Lane in 1902 in Parker County, Texas; married Frances Inez Ford Bradley in 1908.
          John Edward (Johnie) Sublett (born April 5, 1903 Parker County, Texas; died November 1983, Carter County, Oklahoma) married Emily T.
           Vernon Edward Sublett (born around 1925, Texas) married Marion Frances Word on October 22, 1949, in Collingsworth County, Texas.
            Judy Sublett married Mr. Gardner.
            Jack Sublett married Miss Adams.
           Kenneth Victor Sublett (born July 7, 1926, Collingsworth County, Texas; died July 29, 1999) married Avis.
           Betty Jean Sublett (born around 1929, Texas) married Mr. Word.
           Clifton Paul Sublett (born January 29, 1931, Wheeler County, Texas; died October 2, 2009, Coke County, Texas) married Elaine Silver.
            Paul Sublett, Jr., married Penny Sherrell Hilburn.
             Clifton Sublett (born August 1, 1971) married Dawn on June 22, 1992.
                Emily Sublett
                Casady Sublett
                Kortny Sublett
                Ashly Sublett
                Shelby Sublett (born March 5, 1992)
             Jeremy Sublett (born April 16, 1974) married Angie Bristow on September 25, 2010.
                Hunter Sublett
                Jacob Chubz Sublett
            Stephen (Steve) Sublett married Elizabeth (Liz).
            Becky Sublett married Kelly Garrett on May 5, 2001.
           Geneva A. Sublett (born around 1934, Texas) married Mr. Word.
          Rupert B. Sublett (born around 1904, Oklahoma)
          Myrtle Claudie (Claudy) Sublett (born November 24, 1904, Texas; died March 1, 1999)
          Carl Thomas Sublett (born January 10, 1907, Parker County, Texas; died August 1971)
          Marvin Littleton Sublett (born March 26, 1907, Parker County, Texas; died January 2, 1987, Cotton County, Oklahoma) married Willie Mae Bramlet.
          Opal Mae Sublett (born September 6, 1911, Texas; died 1926, Taylor County, Texas)
          John Odes Sublett (born September 6, 1911, Texas; died September 15, 1982, Hidalgo County, Texas)
          Dollie Sublett (born around 1916, Parker County, Texas; died around 1916, Parker County, Texas)
          Wesley Leeroy Sublett (born April 23, 1918, Wheeler County, Texas; died March 1, 1962, Hidalgo County, Texas) married Janice Marqueritte Little on December 30, 1939.
           Barbara Ann Sublett (born August 22, 1941, Wheeler County Texas) married James William (Jim) Davis, Jr., on June 30, 1964.
            Robin Lee Davis (born October 28, 1967, Robstown, Texas) married Jeromie Jones on April 3, 1993.
             Harley Davis Jones (born June 20, 1994, Oakley, Kansas)
             Kassidey Morgan Jones (born October 10, 1997, Dumas, Texas)
             Jeromie Wyatt Altus Jones (born August 4, 1999, Dumas, Texas)
            Billie Dawn Davis (born August 5, 1970, Crystal City, Texas) married Alan Stoddard on July 28, 1990.
             Carrie Renee Stoddard (born April 11, 1992, Garden City, Kansas)
             Jessica Kay Stoddard (born August 18, 1995, Liberal, Kansas)
          Josephine Lurreta (Josie Louretta) Sublett (born January 5, 1921; died March 22, 2005, Callahan County, Texas) married Ernest Ovell Shults on March 16, 1940.
           Peggy June Shults (born January 5, 1943)
        892. Elizabeth Graves Sublett (born June 17, 1838; died January 29, 1922, Johnson County, Texas) married William A. E. Darnaby on March 11, 1855, in Franklin County, Tennessee.
         Mary Ellen Darnaby (born September 10, 1857, Missouri; died May 29, 1934, Parker County, Texas) married Joseph Presley Durham on August 27, 1876, in Johnson County, Texas.
          Maud May Durham (born May 4, 1878, Johnson County, Texas)
          William Presley (Will) Durham (born August 15, 1879, Johnson County, Texas; died October 16, 1963, Parker County, Texas) married Mary Belle Holland on December 14, 1902, in Parker County, Texas.
           Willie May Durham (born November 15, 1903, Parker County, Texas; died August 3, 1988, Parker County, Texas) married William Clarence Short on October 15, 1922, in Parker County, Texas.
            William Clarence Short, II (born January 17, 1936; died December 5, 1992)
           Bertha Arlene Durham (born January 21, 1906, Parker County, Texas; died April 21, 1997, Parker County, Texas) married Raymond Ernst Sullivan on August 22, 1923.
           Mary Ellen Durham (born March 26, 1912, Parker County, Texas; died April 24, 1985, Tarrant County, Texas) married Albert Clyde Linehan on September 22, 1928, in Parker County, Texas; married Harvey P. Hodges on April 12, 1948, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
          Charles Wesley Durham (born April 23, 1881, Johnson County, Texas; died April 7, 1973, Parker County, Texas) married Lora Mae Long on November 25, 1903, in Parker County, Texas.
           Floyd Wesley Durham (born September 21, 1904, Parker County, Texas)
           Lloyd Leslie Durham (born October 9, 1915, Parker County, Texas)
          James Keaton Durham (born December 31, 1883, Johnson County, Texas; died December 4, 1959, Parker County, Texas) married Emma Mae Holland on April 3, 1904, in Parker County, Texas.
           Lorena Durham married Raymond Patton.
           Maye Durham
           Joe Henry Durham (born June 9, 1910, Parker County, Texas; died July 4, 1983, Parker County, Texas) married Ella Mae Thomas on September 25, 1954.
          Joseph Allen Durham (born January 31, 1885, Johnson County, Texas; died March 5, 1965, Parker County, Texas) married Alma Ester (Estie) Craven on March 19, 1905, in Parker County, Texas.
           Clarence Ather Durham (born November 15, 1905, Parker County, Texas) married Annie Josephine Stevens on August 21, 1926, in Parker County, Texas.
            Frederick Herman Durham (born March 8, 1929, Parker County, Texas)
          Walter Lee Durham (born February 28, 1886, Johnson County, Texas; died March 2, 1974, Palo Pinto County, Texas) married Mornia Agnes Dixon on May 12, 1925, in Parker County, Texas.
           Ruthie Lee Durham (born February 11, 1926, Parker County, Texas; died October 29, 2006, Tarrant County, Texas) married James Lilburn Norman on June 26, 1945, in Parker County, Texas.
            Lilburn Randall Norman (born September 13, 1948, Palo Pinto County, Texas) married Dinah Lee Walters.
             Rhonda Michelle Norman
             Kyle Andrew Norman
            LaDonna Sue Norman
            Christine Elaine Norman married Jerry Lynn Youngblood.
             Stacie Renée Youngblood
             Jordon Ryan Youngblood
            Janet Lee Norman married John Barnett; married Robert Flint.
             Colby Barnett
             Destin Flint
           Mornia Margie Durham (born August 7, 1927, Parker County, Texas) married Charles Lee Oliver on January 18, 1947, in Parker County, Texas.
           Lyndall Lucille Durham (born November 28, 1928, Parker County, Texas) married Loren Clarence Plumlee on January 11, 1948, in Parker County, Texas.
           Walter Karl Durham (born February 2, 1935, Parker County, Texas; died January 13, 1996, Nacona, Texas) married Miss Smith.
          Martha Alice Durham (born February 6, 1889, Johnson County, Texas; died April 22, 1921, Anderson County, Texas) married Ernest A. Richards on December 22, 1909, in Parker County, Texas.
           Alecia Pauline Richards (born January 14, 1911; died April 9, 1973, Parker County, Texas) married Roy Ernest Terry.
          Thomas Lester Durham (born April 2, 1891, Johnson County, Texas; died July 12, 1973, Parker County, Texas) married Ilene Bradley.
          Mary Ottie Durham (born August 31, 1898, Johnson County, Texas; died June 26, 1980, Tarrant County, Texas) married Henry Fuller on December 17, 1922, in Tarrant County, Texas.
         Reuben Sublett Darnaby (born November 9, 1859, Missouri; died December 25, 1939, Somervell County, Texas) married Etta M. Culberhouse on July 22, 1879, in Johnson County, Texas.
          Myrtle Elizabeth Darnaby (born April 25, 1880, Johnson County, Texas; died November 22, 1948, Johnson County, Texas)
          Ethel Getrude Darnaby (born November 1883, Johnson County, Texas)
          Nella Ella Darnaby (born December 1886; died April 1902, Johnson County, Texas)
          Willie Darnaby (born June 24, 1887, Johnson County, Texas; died June 19, 1891, Johnson County, Texas)
          Alice Blanche Darnaby (born October 21, 1888, Johnson County, Texas; died March 20, 1974, Tarrant County, Texas) married Elliott Brank Welborn on June 10, 1903, in Johnson County, Texas.
          William B. Darnaby (born September 1893, Johnson County, Texas; died October 26, 1947, Somervell County, Texas)
          Lucy Darnaby (born October 16, 1901, Johnson County, Texas; died March 1984)
         Thomas Edward Darnaby (born July 21, 1863, Missouri; died July 29, 1953, Tarrant County, Texas) married Emma Adeline Culberhouse on December 13, 1883, in Johnson County, Texas.
          Lula Graves Darnaby (born February 18, 1887, Texas; died April 29, 1954, Nueces County, Texas) married Mr. Johnson.
         William Lemuel Darnaby (born June 19, 1878, Johnson County, Texas; died August 16, 1956, Johnson County, Texas) married Ida Pearl Chism around 1899 in Texas.
       120. Susannah Sublett (born 1789; died June 30, 1862) married Burdet Clifton on January 28, 1807, in Green County, Kentucky.
       121. William Sublett (born June 21, 1791, Charlotte County, Virginia; died February 6, 1866, Hart County, Kentucky)
        Benjamin (Ben) F. Sublett (born around December 1835, Kentucky) married Laura E. Shelton around 1860 in Kentucky.
         Frances D. Sublett (born around 1861, Kentucky)
         Mary M. Sublett (born around 1862, Kentucky)
         Nancy E. Sublett (born December 4, 1864, Kentucky; died May 9, 1896, Hart County, Kentucky) married Peter Christopher Miller.
         Sarah E. Sublett (born around 1866, Kentucky)
         Robert L. Sublett (born around 1870, Kentucky; died around 1900)
         Sopronia J. Sublett (born around 1872, Kentucky)
         Lillie J. Sublett (born around 1874, Kentucky)
         Coera B. Sublett (born around July 1876, Kentucky)
         Nettie B. Sublett (born around July 1879, Kentucky)
      22. Mary Hunt (Mollie) Sublett (born around 1756, Albemarle County, Virginia; died around 1813, Kentucky) married John Dudgeon on January 5, 1782, in Charlotte County, Virginia.
       122. William Buck Dudgeon (born around 1788; died around 1869) married Miss Phillips; married Jane Edington in 1830 in Kentucky.
       123. Susanna (Susan) Dudgeon (born around 1784, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Armstrong Kerr in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
        Schuyler Kerr
        John Kerr
        Mary Kerr (born around 1804; died around 1882)
        Jane Nancy Hightower Kerr (born around 1807; died around 1859)
        Louisiana Kerr (born March 1812, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died October 21, 1887, Hart County, Kentucky) married Washington Lively.
         Armstrong Lively (died in infancy)
         Mary Jane Lively (born around 1832; died around 1895)
         Samintha Lively (born October 5, 1833, Green County, Kentucky; died June 24, 1919, Tampa, Florida) married William James Campbell.
          Virginia Campbell (died around 1899)
          Caroline Campbell (born January 14, 1856, Tampa, Florida; died January 29, 1932, Tampa, Florida) married Chauncey Wesley Wells.
           William Erastus Wells (born around 1876; died around 1934) married Cora A. E. Stubbs.
            William Wells
            Wilma Wells
            Francis Wells married Claire Wilson.
             Francis Wells, Jr., married Betty Bryant.
                Francis Wells, III
                Janna Wells
                Deborah Wells married Paul Sullivan.
                  Ashlee Sullivan
                  Rachele Sullivan
           James Lucian Wells (born around 1880; died around 1907)
           Julia Estelle Wells (born around 1882; died around 1925)
           Loa Wells (born around 1885; died around 1885)
           Myra Wells (born September 29, 1888, Tampa, Florida; died July 2, 1963, Tampa, Florida) married Max W. Law.
            Myra Caroline Maxine Law (born May 7, 1911, Tampa, Florida; died March 18, 2001, Tampa, Florida) married Everett Judson Stephens; married George Ames Pearson.
             Myra Caroline Stephens (born April 2, 1933, Tampa, Florida) married George Hugh Draffin; married John H. Sims.
                Myra Denise Draffin
                George Alan Draffin
            Mary Estelle Law (born around 1913; died around 2007)
            Ruby Katherine Law (born around 1915; died around 1972)
            John Max Law
            Lomie Law
            Herbert Law
          James Archibald Campbell (born around 1860; died around 1891)
          Samintha Campbell (born around 1862; died around 1947)
          Margaret Frances Campbell (born around 1864; died around 1956)
         Harriet Lively (born around 1835; died around 1886)
         Robert Washington Lively (born around 1837; died around 1894)
         John Hill Lively (born around 1839; died around 1899)
         William A. Lively (born around 1840; died around 1907)
         James Durham Lively (born around 1841; died around 1917)
         Aylett Buckner Lively (born around 1843; died around 1912)
         Edward Arthur Lively (born around 1844; died around 1899)
         Ann Eliza Lively (born around 1847; died around 1914)
         Alice Elizabeth Lively (born around 1849; died around 1898)
         Mark Henry Lively (born around 1854; died around 1929)
       124. Nancy Dudgeon (born around 1784; died around 1864) married John Rogers on May 11, 1801, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
       125. John Dudgeon (born around 1782; died around 1875) married Nelly Rogers on May 20, 1805, in Madison County, Kentucky.
       126. Mary (Polly) Dudgeon (born around 1787; died around 1879) married Andrew Hall on February 18, 1808, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
        971. Sarah Ann Hall (born around 1809, Lincoln County, Kentucky)
        972. Mary Ann Hall (born 1809, Lincoln County, Kentucky) married Benjamin Wiley on November 20, 1856, in Boone County, Missouri.
        973. Amanda M. Hall (born around 1813, Lincoln County, Kentucky)
        974. Martha Jane (Patsy) Hall (born around 1814, Lincoln County, Kentucky) married David E. Daughtery.
        975. Elizabeth J. (Betsy) Hall (born around 1816, Lincoln County, Kentucky)
        976. Joanna Hall (born around 1817, Lincoln County, Kentucky) married William Coleman on July 30, 1838, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
         John W. Coleman (born around 1841, Boone County, Missouri) married Susan Meredith.
         Mary Catherine Coleman (born around 1844; died around 1891) married Eli Kennedy Lyon on June 28, 1863, in Boone County, Missouri.
          Laura Maude Lyon married Thomas F. Canterbury.
           Gladys Canterbury married J. Joseph Gerhart.
         Andrew Hall Coleman (born October 3, 1847; died 1909, Marion County, Oregon) married Elizabeth Ann Smith on August 18, 1877, in Missouri.
          Lillian Irene Coleman (born November 10, 1878, Missouri) married William Edgar Brown.
          Maggie Belle (Margaret) Coleman (born March 28, 1884, Marion County, Oregon) married Clyde Ramsby on May 23, 1903, in Marion County, Oregon.
          Agnes Berniece Coleman (born April 8, 1885, Marion County, Oregon; died February 19, 1959, Marion County, Oregon) married Alfred I. Olson on November 3, 1903.
          William Price Coleman (born March 28, 1886, Marion County, Oregon; died 1930)
         Vianna G. Coleman (born around 1849) married Lonie Hunt.
         Martha Price Coleman married Columbus Conley.
         D. Frank Coleman married Ilabelle Daly.
         Sarah Coleman (born around 1854; died 1926) married George Grant.
        977. William F. Hall (born around 1819, Lincoln County, Kentucky)
        978. Andrew J. Hall (born around 1821, Lincoln County, Kentucky)
        979. Nathaniel G. Hall (born December 9, 1924, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died February 10, 1903) married Nancy Vanlandingham.
         Benjamin F. Hall (born around 1858)
         James E. Hall (born around 1859)
         Mary E. Hall (born around 1862) married Mr. Hartley.
         William A. Hall (born around 1864)
         Amanda E. Hall married Mr. Roberts.
        980. Nancy A. Hall (born around 1826, Lincoln County, Kentucky) married Joshua Wiley.
        981. Margaret A. Hall (born around 1826, Lincoln County, Kentucky)
        982. Vianna L. Hall (born June 11, 1828, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died June 1, 1868, Boone County, Missouri) married Robert Coleman.
        983. John (Jack) Hall
         Betty Hall
         Margaret Hall
         Martha Hall
         William Hall
         Richard Hall
       127. Margaret (Peggy) Dudgeon (born around 1784; died around 1834)
       128. Martha (Patsy) Dudgeon (born around 1795; died around 1861) married John Williamson on January 11, 1815, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
       129. Sublett Dudgeon (born around 1792; died around 1813) married Mary Phillips.
      23. Ursula Sublett (born around 1758, Virginia; died around 1828) married Edward Day in 1778.
       133. Valentine Day (born around 1780, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Elizabeth (Betsy) Adams (a cousin of President John Adams) on July 31, 1809, in Mercer County, Kentucky.
        1011. Clarinda A. Day married Nudget Owsley on June 24, 1835, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
        1012. Polly Day married Benjamin Cornett on June 20, 1837, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
        1013. Elizabeth Day (born October 14, 1825) married Byram Linville on August 26, 1841, in Missouri.
         Jasper Linville (born around 1845, Missouri) married Sarah J. Heald.
         Pleasant Day Linville
         Valentine Day Linville
         Pamelia Hazeltine Linville married M. E. C. Munday.
         Ida Linville (died in childhood)
         Elizabeth L. (Lizzie) Linville married Joseph L. Wisecarver.
         Ada Mary Linville (born December 11, 1865, Sonoma County, California; died May 1952, Stanislaus County, California) married Thomas Jefferson Wisecarver on December 16, 1883.
          Arthur Pleasant Wisecarver (born 1889, Sonoma County, California; died March 16, 1958, Stanislaus County, California) married Eva M. Buthenuth.
           Elizabeth Anne Wisecarver (born February 20, 1915, Stanislaus County, California; died April 18, 1952) married Clarence Ivan Johnson on July 2, 1936.
            Julie Anne Johnson (born August 12, 1937, San Rafael, California) married James Warren Stoneburner on January 31, 1959.
           Ward A. Wisecarver (born February 2, 1919, Stanislaus County, California) married Mildred Hester Searl (daughter of Hester Geraldine Lester and Garner Roy Searl) on August 29, 1943, in Stanislaus County, California.
            Kent Ward Wisecarver (born July 5, 1944, Berkeley County, South Carolina)
            Kurt Jeffrey Wisecarver (born November 21, 1945, Stanislaus County, California) married Christine Ann Osborn on December 28, 1968, in Oroville, California.
            Renée Colleen Wisecarver (born July 9, 1949, Oakland, California)
          Floyd Linville Wisecarver
         Clement R. Linville
        1014. Ursula Sublett Day (born April 15, 1827) married Henderson Linville.
       134. George Day (born around 1783)
       135. Edward Day (born around 1785)
       136. William Sublett Day (born 1789; died 1875, Keokuk County, Iowa) married Dorothy (Dolly) Embree on September 27, 1813, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
        1041. Franceway Day (born July 5, 1814, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died February 10, 1896, Sullivan County, Missouri) married Mary Ann Noble.
         4151. William Noble Day (died in childhood)
         4152. Dorothy Day married Andrew Jackson Busick.
         4153. Sonora Day married James R. McDonald.
         4154. Sarah Day (born July 29, 1854, Keokuk County, Iowa) married George Strawser.
         4155. Samuel Sublette Day (born July 29, 1854, Keokuk County, Iowa) married Olive Penick.
          Mary Day (born around 1876; died March, 1941) married Robert G. Sheets.
          Elsie Day (born December 27, 1878, Sullivan County, Missouri; died December 29, 1955, LaCanada, California) married Winfred Rucker.
          Minnie Day (born 1879; died 1896)
          Arthur Day (born August 3, 1884, Sullivan County, Missouri; died July 15, 1953, Los Angeles, California) married Nelle Eileen Kenefick in Jackson County, Missouri.
          Vane Day (born December 19, 1896, Sullivan County, Missouri) married Ella Sue Fisher in 1917; married Marguerite White.
           Nancy Vane Day (born December 1920) married Martin Stephens.
            Mary Stephens
            Anna Stephens
            Patricia Stephens
           Dorothy Ellen Day (born February 1922) married Lon May.
            Christopher May
            Virginia May
            Katharine May
           Mary Alice Day (born July 1925) married Wayne Macy.
            Linda Macy
            Janet Macy
         4156. James Edward Day (born August 13, 1859, Sullivan County, Missouri) married Willa Jackson.
        1042. John E. Day (born June 1, 1816, Green County, Kentucky; died August 5, 1879, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Anna Miller in 1838.
         son (born around 1839, Illinois; died in infancy)
         Daniel Peyton Day (born April 23, 1841, DeWitt County, Illinois; died April 6, 1893, Rice County, Kansas) married Dorcas Trifine Davis on November 9, 1871.
         Mary Jane Day (born 1844, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Isaac L. Carr on April 19, 1866.
         Philip M. Day (born February 1845, DeWitt County, Illinois; died March 27, 1917, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Mary Elizabeth Henson on April 13, 1871.
         Elizabeth E. Day (born 1848, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Edward J. Bingham on January 23, 1868.
         John Day (born 1850, DeWitt County, Illinois; died 1925, DeWitt County, Illinois) married America L. Hoshaw on January 23, 1873; married Amanda Roberts.
         Rachel Flora Day (born August 5, 1851, DeWitt County, Illinois; died December 6, 1932, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Addison Joseph Roberts on September 30, 1869.
         Nancy Dorothy Day (born 1854, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Joseph Newton Merrill on October 14, 1880.
         Martha Emily Day (born 1856, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Benedict Nelson on April 13, 1873.
         Abraham Lincoln Day (born October 8, 1858, DeWitt County, Illinois; died June 21, 1916, Vernon County, Missouri) married Nebraska Barnett on January 15, 1880; married Luella Barnett on November 3, 1899.
         Anna Belle Day (born November 22, 1860, DeWitt County, Illinois; died September 14, 1952, Holbrook, Arizona) married Charles Andrew Rose on May 14, 1880.
        1043. Valentine Day (born January 14, 1818, Green County, Kentucky; died 1879) married Elizabeth Barns in 1840; married Elizabeth Davis on May 14 1846; married Rachel Hillman on September 29, 1862.
         Dorothy M. Day (born 1846)
         Sarah S. Day (born 1849)
         Martha Matilda Day (born 1850)
         Sophronia Ellen Day (born September 22, 1857; died September 5, 1889) married Peter Baker on October 25, 1878.
         Clarence Franceway Day (born October 1, 1863; died August 20, 1942) married Miss Pennock.
         Samuel Edmond Day (born June 29, 1868)
        1044. Ursula Day (born 1819, Madison County, Illinois; died March 3, 1868, Mercer County, Missouri) married Mr. Tregaskis; married Reuben Walker.
         Mary Jane Tregaskis (born November 15, 1840, Wisconsin; died March 7, 1904, Mercer County, Missouri) married William Johnston on May 28, 1858, in Martinsburg, Iowa.
         Eugenia Walker (born January 2, 1849; died April 25, 1867) married Harrison Widner.
         Eliza Walker
         William Walker
         Marcellus Walker
         George Walker
         Suzanne Walker
        1045. Elizabeth Day (born November 15, 1820, Menard County, Illinois; died February 1, 1912) married John Wesley Meeker; married David S. Dayton on July 2, 1871.
         David Bales Meeker (born April 26, 1841, Pike County, Illinois; died July 22, 1864, Iowa)
         William D. Meeker (born December 26, 1842, Pike County, Illinois; died October 15, 1923)
         Washington S. Meeker (born 1845, Pike County, Illinois; died September 24, 1864, Iowa)
         John Bruce Meeker (born February 25, 1848, Menard County, Illinois; died June 12, 1924) married Josephine Galbreth Mefford on October 23, 1867.
         Francis M. Meeker (born April 13, 1849, Menard County, Illinois; died May 19, 1918)
         Ferdinand M. Meeker (born 1851, Louisa, Iowa; died February 28, 1904)
         Joseph Perry Meeker (born December 22, 1853, Louisa County, Iowa; died July 10, 1901) married Prudence Mirali Fuller on December 24, 1873.
         Phillip Schyler Meeker (born January 21, 1856, Louisa County, Iowa; died January 22, 1915)
         Laura E. Meeker (born December 31, 1857, Louisa County, Iowa; died August 19, 1880, Wapella County, Iowa)
         Roland James Meeker (born December 28, 1859, Keokuk County, Iowa; died March 16, 1934)
         Alletie Dayton (born 1866, Iowa)
        1046. Philip Sheridan Day (born February 25, 1824, Madison County, Illinois; died 1908, Keokuk County, Iowa; Mexican-American War veteran) married Grace Taylor in 1847.
         4201. Soloman Day married Belle Craft.
         4202. Clarissa E. Day married Eli Oakes.
         4203. William N. Day married Jane Rooks.
         4204. Robert B. Day married Sophia.
         4205. Franklin Day married Fannie E. Shultz.
         4206. James Day married Rose.
         4207. Philip S. Day married Susan.
         4208. George Day married Della Hawkes.
         4209. Rebecca Day (died in infancy)
        1047. Joseph Peyton Day (born January 25, 1826, Sangamon County, Illinois; died May 3, 1896, Sullivan County, Missouri) married Eliza Ann Smith in Menard County, Illinois; married Susan Elizabeth Noble; married Francina Jane Noble.
         4211. Margaret Jane Day (born May 1, 1849, Menard County, Illinois; died June 25, 1849, Menard County, Illinois)
         4212. William Benjamin Day (born July 2, 1850, Menard County, Illinois; died April 29, 1925, Appanoose County, Iowa) married Sarah Pierson.
         4213. Charles Allen Day (born around 1852; died young)
         4214. Eliza Ann Day (born February 15, 1857, Keokuk County, Iowa; died August 22, 1927, Sullivan County, Missouri)
         4215. Elizabeth Day (born 1859; died in infancy)
         4216. Edward Baker Day (born June 11, 1861, Sullivan County, Missouri; died December 6, 1879, Sullivan County, Missouri)
         4217. Rosetta May Day (born July 21, 1863, Keokuk County, Iowa; died June 6, 1942, Sullivan County, Missouri) married George Prentiss Richardson on February 17, 1887, in Sullivan County, Missouri.
          Jean Richardson
         4218. Mattie Emma Day (born April 11, 1866, Keokuk County, Iowa; died May 11, 1943, St. Joseph County, Indiana) married John Elihu Keller.
         4219. Effa Grace Day (born April 3, 1869, Keokuk County, Iowa; died February 2, 1958, Minnehaha County, South Dakota) married William Edward Beale on February 11, 1902.
         4220. Alma Jane Day (born June 5, 1872, Keokuk County, Iowa; died May 25, 1893, Sullivan County, Missouri)
        1048. Charles Allen Day (born around 1832; died December 28, 1862, in the Civil War) married Margaret J. McBeth.
         William Day (born 1854)
         Alice Day (born 1856)
         Lester Day
         Dora Day
        1049. Abraham Day (born January 26, 1831, Menard County, Illinois; died December 29, 1908, Archuleta County, Colorado) married Mary Ann McMillen on October 30, 1854.
         Dorothy F. Day (born 1854, Iowa)
         Louisa J. Day (born 1858, Keokuk County, Iowa)
         Robert A. Day (born 1862, Iowa)
         Charles Day (born 1866, Iowa)
        1050. Dorothy Day (born around 1833, Sangamon County, Illinois; died July 15, 1863, Menard County, Illinois) married George Washington Taylor on February 28, 1851, in Menard County, Illinois.
         4241. Mary Melissa Taylor married Jacob Messersmith.
         4242. Sarah A. Taylor married Theodore Porter.
         4243. James Z. Taylor married Belle Knight; married Mattie Robbins.
         4244. Louisa Taylor married Elijah Craft.
         4245. Dollie A. Taylor (died in childhood)
       137. Benjamin Sublett Day (born November 6, 1792; died February 24, 1845, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Catherine Onstott on September 3, 1813, in Garrard County, Kentucky.
        1051. Mary Day
        1052. Elizabeth Ann Day (born May 20, 1816, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died February 8, 1870, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Sylvanus Shurtleff on June 4, 1835, in Macon County, Illinois.
        1053. Edward O. Day (born May 26, 1818, Kentucky; died May 15, 1884, DeWitt, Illinois) married Caroline Hurley on January 30, 1840.
         4271. Benjamin F. Day (born November 16, 1840; died March 28, 1841)
         4272. Margaret Ann Day (born January 5, 1842; died August 24, 1903) married Joseph Marsh on October 31, 1858.
          Mary Kate Marsh (born March 9, 1861; died May 4, 1882) married James William Brown on April 29, 1879.
          Alzina Marsh (born January 27, 1863; died January 27, 1940) married Robert Bryden Dillin on October 25, 1887.
          George Marsh married Cora.
         4273. Catherine C. Day (born September 11, 1843; died September 25, 1915, Champaign, Illinois) married Jacob R. Dillavou on August 13, 1860.
          Edward O. Dillavou (born May 30, 1861, DeWitt County, Illinois; died October 3, 1947, Champaign, Illinois) married Minnie Stephenson.
          Samuel Elmer Dillavou (born April 20, 1865, DeWitt County, Illinois; died September 28, 1947, Champaign, Illinois) married Mary McDaniel.
          Idella Dillavou (born January 20, 1867; died August 4, 1950) married Joseph H. Sackett on April 24, 1885, in Champaign, Illinois.
          Naomi Dillavou (born September 24, 1872; died in infancy)
          Olive Ann Dillavou (born September 2, 1876, DeLand, Illinois; died August 22, 1958, Champaign, Illinois) married Arthur Frederick Hamersmith on December 27, 1905, in Champaign, Illinois.
           Arthur Paul Hamersmith
          Nellie Blanche Dillavou (born November 17, 1878, DeLand, Illinois; died February 12, 1925, Chicago, Illinois) married William S. Kuhl.
         4274. Mary M. Day (born September 11, 1843; died March 1916) married James H. Cobb on December 9, 1862.
          Charles Cobb
          William Cobb
          Stella Cobb
          Lurah Cobb married Mr. Siemer.
         4275. Eliza J. Day (born November 20, 1845) married Isaiah Wilson on November 14, 1871.
          Harry Wilson
          Frank Wilson
          Charles Wilson
          Maude Wilson
          Otto Wilson
         4276. Dennis H. Day (born September 11, 1847) married Elizabeth Trego on June 16, 1870.
         4277. Caroline Day (born November 12, 1849) married William Stone on December 20, 1870.
          Jesse Stone
          William Stone
          Charles Stone
          Cecil Stone married Miss Wilson.
         4278. America Day (born December 6, 1851; died May 25, 1913) married Charles Braymiller on November 1, 1883.
          Earl Braumiller
          Edna Braumiller
         4279. Martha Day (born March 23, 1854; died October 7, 1857)
         4280. Elizabeth Day (born August 31, 1856; died August 31, 1915) married Henry Fristoe on May 25, 1880.
         4281. John S. Day (born January 6, 1860; died February 16, 1882)
         4282. Edward M. Day (born May 11, 1864; died September 19, 1869)
        1054. Rebecca Robbins Day married Mr. Hawlins.
        1055. Hiram Thomas Day
        1056. Caroline Day married Mr. Barnes.
        1057. George A. Day
        1058. John W. Day
         Ellis Day married Rose Sacket.
         Grace Day
         Ella Day
       138. Charles Sublett Day (born around 1793, Charlotte County, Virginia; died 1845, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Susan Monroe Bruce on July 10, 1828.
        Martha Jane Day (born 1829, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Jeremiah Winslow on March 27, 1845.
        Eliza Ann Day (born 1831, DeWitt County, Illinois) married William S. Jenkins on January 17, 1852.
        Susan Monroe Day (born 1834; died 1836)
        William B. Day (born 1834; died in infancy)
        Benjamin A. Day (born 1835, Illinois) married Emaline Susan Winslow on November 15, 1854.
        Mary Frances Day (born July 31, 1838, DeWitt County, Illinois; died January 29, 1924, McDonough County, Illinois) married Edgar Orrin Cobb.
        Rebecca Allen Day (born 1841, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Alfred Winslow on September 30, 1857.
        John Bruce Day (born March 4, 1843, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Elizabeth Rachel Goddin on October 5, 1868.
       139. Philip Sublett Day (born around 1795)
        Thomas Jefferson Day married Eliza Jane Duncan.
         Mark Robinson Day married Emily Jane Price.
          Sarah Day married Roy Mather.
           Maude Mather married Ira Kerwood.
            Pattie Jane Kerwood married O. D. White, Jr.
             Dana White married Ray Siegmund.
             Wallace White
             Warren White
           Estelle Mather
           Pattie Mather
           Marjorie Mather
       140. John Barker Day (born December 16, 1797, Charlotte County, Virginia; died 1831, Sangamon County, Illinois) married Nancy Bottoms on August 8, 1816, in Green County, Kentucky.
        Robert B. Day (born May 14, 1817, Kentucky; died May 2, 1886) married Harriet Kelly.
         George A. Day (born December 3, 1840; died May 27, 1913) married Texanna Virginia Haymes on December 10, 1882.
          Lucy Day
          Edith Day
          Anna Day
          Edward Day
         William Preston Day
         Henry Day
         Jennie Day
         Eda E. Day
         Nancy Kelly Day
         Isaac W. Day
         Mary Elizabeth Day
         Sterling Price Day
        Edward Day (born November 23, 1820, Kentucky; died December 14, 1901) married Eliza Strickland.
        Highly R. Day (born July 3, 1823, Kentucky; died March 25, 1896) married John King on December 4, 1843.
        John Day (born May 28, 1824, Warren County, Kentucky; died February 6, 1870, Webster County, Missouri) married Elizabeth Cossey.
         Sarah Ellen Day (born November 10, 1847; died January 26, 1887) married James Knox Jameson on June 1, 1865.
          Charles Elmer Jameson (born 1883; died 1963) married Hunter Belle Goodwin.
          John David Jameson (born April 29, 1866; died December 27, 1918) married Nellie Russey on December 16, 1903.
          Samuel Franklin Jameson (born 1868; died July 31, 1888)
          James Ezra Jameson (born December 29, 1869; died October 18, 1951) married Ida Taylor in 1898.
          Thomas Thaddeus Jameson (born June 4, 1872; died July 12, 1942) married Hettie Eldora Doolen on August 10, 1892.
          Robert Lee Jameson (born October 4, 1874) married Mintie Rose Barmore on August 17, 1898.
          Sarah Ellen Jameson (born December 7, 1876) married George Monroe in 1897.
          Lemuel Creed Jameson (born April 14, 1879) married Lettie McQuition.
          Luther Young Jameson (born June 3, 1881) married Mollie Middlebrook.
          Almus Day Jameson (born 1887; died 1963, Texas) married Lennis Balch.
         Samuel Day (born September 8, 1849; died March 21, 1924) married Susan Madretta Jameson on August 11, 1870.
         William Thomas Day (born January 7, 1851; died April 13, 1926) married Margaret Drucilla Mathis on December 5, 1870; married Ida Alexander Hudgens on March 15, 1892.
         Benjamin Franklin Day (born February 9, 1853; died April 16, 1932) married Mary Nichols on November 6, 1873.
          Ada Day (born October 12, 1874) married Noah Alexander on December 29, 1904.
          Daisy Day (born April 20, 1876; died June 27, 1898)
          Myrtle Day (born December 30, 1878; died August 14, 1899)
          Ercie Etta Day (born September 3, 1880; died January 20, 1928) married Thomas Robert Gourley on February 4, 1912.
           Emery Burrell Gourley (born January 23, 1913) married Nordine Davison on January 1, 1941.
            David Davison Gourley
            Carol Jane Gourley
            Margaret Etta Gourley
            Sarah Sue Gourley (born April 14, 1952)
           Willard Ned Gourley (born May 22, 1914) married Madge Trantham on February 24, 1939.
           Freda Alice Gourley (born August 6, 1915) married Edward Stever on December 22, 1933.
           David Worth Gourley (born September 3, 1917; died November 4, 1920)
           Ruth Loulla Gourley (born March 6, 1919) married Clyde Wheeler on January 1, 1941.
          Josie Day (born June 8, 1882; died April 29, 1900)
          Frank C. Day (born June 30, 1884; died February 27, 1954) married Lura McVay on March 1, 1914.
          William Robert Day (born May 8, 1886) married Eva Thompson on April 4, 1909.
          Ruth Nannie Day (born August 22, 1888) married William Wesley Hargus on October 30, 1910.
          John Henry Day (born October 8, 1890)
          Orville W. Day (born April 8, 1892) married Mabel Whitehead on December 14, 1914.
          Floyd Day (born August 28, 1894)
         Mary C. Day (born February 6, 1855; died October 22, 1939) married William H. Thompson on February 17, 1875.
         Robert Allen Day (born March 10, 1856, Webster County, Missouri; died April 22, 1941) married Malinda Jane Jameson on May 26, 1878.
         James Edward Day (born March 7, 1859; died September 9, 1915) married Sarah Elizabeth Jameson on June 6, 1878.
         Deliah Jane Day (born March 18, 1860; died November 26, 1895) married Thomas Benton Jameson on September 12, 1878.
         Martha Almira Day (born March 19, 1862; died April 2, 1950) married James Franklin Callaway on November 13, 1879.
         Nancy Caldonia Day (born March 25, 1864; died April 5, 1927) married John Thompson on February 25, 1884.
         Highly Lucinda Day (born June 6, 1866; died August 14, 1904) married Sigel Marlin on January 20, 1885.
         Matilda Ann Day (born May 20, 1869; died January 29, 1946) married William Callaway on September 15, 1886.
        Patricia Elizabeth Day (born around 1825, Kentucky; died around 1830, Illinois)
        Allen Day (born June 14, 1827, Kentucky; died December 12, 1902, Webster County, Missouri) married Sarah Ann Hollis on January 1, 1857.
        Joseph Day (born 1830, Kentucky; died 1860) married Nexie Jump.
       141. Abraham Day (born around 1800)
       142. Mary (Polly) Day (born around 1781) married John Renfro; married Nicolas Walker on October 30, 1817.
       143. Elizabeth Day (born around 1786)
       144. Rebecca Day (born February 2, 1790, Charlotte County, Virginia; died August 19, 1875, Springfield, Illinois) married James Johnson on March 13, 1806, in Lincoln County, Kentucky; married Archer Gray Herndon on March 9, 1817, in Green County, Kentucky.
        1121. William Henry Herndon (born December 25, 1818, Greensburg, Kentucky; died March 18, 1891, Springfield, Illinois; law partner and biographer of Abraham Lincoln) married Mary Jane Maxey on March 26, 1840, in Sangamon County, Illinois; married Anna Miles on July 31, 1861.
         James Nathaniel Herndon
         Annie Herndon
         Beverly Powell Herndon
         Elizabeth R. Herndon
         Leigh William Herndon
         Mary F. Herndon
         Nina Belle Herndon
         Minnie Herndon
         William Miles Herndon
        1122. Elliott Bohannon Herndon (born 1820; died 1895)
        1123. Archer Gray Herndon (born 1825; died 1890)
        1124. Nathaniel F. Herndon (born 1827; died 1835)
       145. Susannah Day (born around 1798) married Jeremiah Sutton on October 4, 1814, in Lincoln County, Kentucky; married Jacob Latimer.
        Nancy Sutton
        Robert E. Brant Sutton married Margaret A. (Peggy) Randell on January 19, 1830, in Washington County, Missouri.
         William J. Sutton (born July 10, 1831)
        Valentine (Val) Sutton (born 1808, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died 1886, Houston, Missouri) married Louisa Eliza Peterson on April 30, 1837, in Washington County, Missouri; married Julia Peterson.
         James Oscar (Bud) Sutton
         Mary Jane Sutton
         Nathaniel Brant Sutton (born September 20, 1842; died June 9, 1927, Houston, Missouri; Civil War veteran) married Nancy C. Killion on September 2, 1866.
          Lilly Jane Sutton (born October 23, 1872; died February 20, 1935) married Edward Huckshorn.
           Wilford (Jack) Huckshorn
           Cleta Huckshorn
          Virginia Ellen (Virde) Sutton (born September 21, 1880; died November 15, 1960)
          Florence Sutton (born August 21, 1888; died September 24, 1971) married John Cunningham on July 19, 1930.
         Josephine Dialphia (Tude) Sutton (born March 13, 1846; died July 21, 1921) married John Henry Steffens.
          Henry Charles Steffens (born July 4, 1865; died March 8, 1945) married Mary Matilda (Molly) Belew.
         Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sutton
         William Walker (Bill) Sutton (born October 16, 1849, Houston, Missouri; died March 17, 1933, Houston, Missouri) married Mary Jane (Puss) Corder on March 30, 1871.
          Thomas Walter Sutton (born January 7, 1872, Houston, Missouri; died August 7, 1961, Rolla, Missouri) married Anna Shipp; married Luvina Treat on April 30, 1930.
           Gladys Sutton married Mr. Sims.
           Rufus Carl Sutton married Margarete Martin.
          Charles Sutton (died in infancy)
          Cora Belle Sutton (born June 14, 1875; died April 14, 1940) married Charles C. Frances on January 29, 1896.
           William E. Francis (died in infancy)
           Gertrude B. Francis (died in infancy)
           Nellie E. Francis married Elmer Hern.
           Mary A. Francis married William Dillard Reaves.
           Charles Lynn Francis married Ruth Oxley.
           Durwood G. Francis married Fern Stites.
           Colan C. Francis married Edythe Roberts.
           Julia M. Francis married Paul Oxley.
           Herbert Roy Francis married Thelma Bishop.
           Hazel I. Francis married Arlie Buck Franklin.
           Fern Francis married Vester Freese.
           Edwin R. Francis married Hazel Sigman.
           Garnet Ilene Francis (born August 17, 1918; died January 13, 1940) married Raymond Odle.
          Julia Ann Sutton (born August 29, 1877, Houston, Missouri; died September 29, 1969, Lubbock, Texas) married Thomas Meredith Carter in November 1908 in Tucumcari, New Mexico.
           Thomas Weldon Carter (born July 1909, Grady, New Mexico; died August 1909)
           Helen Ruth Carter (born August 28, 1910, Grady, New Mexico) married Frank Downey Wilson on June 28, 1936, in Lubbock, Texas.
           Mildred Augusta Carter (born October 13, 1913, Grady, New Mexico; died March 19, 1927)
           George Lynn Carter (born December 15, 1915, Yeso, New Mexico; died March 18, 1945, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) married Roxie A. Tracy.
           Mary Margaret Carter (born March 23, 1918, Yeso, New Mexico; died August 6, 1985)
          William Walker (Bill) Sutton, Jr. (born September 16, 1879, Texas County, Missouri; died August 20, 1955, Los Angeles, California) married Nellie McGiboney on November 19, 1902, in Texas County, Missouri; married Sarah W. Parke.
           Thomas Ralph (Tom) Sutton (born June 19, 1904, Texas County, Missouri; died August 10, 1972, Riverside, California) married Jeannie Onita Drake.
            William Robert (Bill) Sutton (born August 25, 1930, Fort Sumner, New Mexico) married Martha Nancy Shrader in December 1951 in Bell Gardens, California; married Hsien Fang (Stella) Kuo.
             William Thomas (Billy) Sutton (born June 23, 1953, Lynwood, California)
             Jamie Lynn Sutton (born October 19, 1960, Lynwood, California) married John Harrison Gilmore on May 5, 1990.
             Jason Edward Sutton (born March 11, 1979)
            Ralph Brand Sutton (born November 17, 1933, Clovis, New Mexico) married Janice Gwendolyn Jost on June 27, 1954, in Banning, California.
             Dean Hamilton Sutton (born October 24, 1958, Lynwood, California) married Christine Mary Bayer on December 28, 1985, in Riverside, California.
                Jacob Dabney Sutton (born April 29, 1987)
                Sarah Jane Sutton (born July 13, 1989)
                Adam Ralph Brand Sutton (born December 1, 1993)
             Charlene Laurae Sutton (born January 23, 1960, Lynwood, California; died June 14, 1974, Riverside, California)
             Colleen Adele Sutton (born October 3, 1961, Lynwood, California) married Robert Jeffrey (Robin) Bell on June 8, 1991, in Redlands, California.
                Meagan Laurae Sutton-Marr (born June 23, 1986)
                Courtney Paige Bell (born November 24, 1993)
                Hayley Danielle Bell (born February 3, 1996)
           Mary Margaret Sutton
           Eugene W. Sutton
           Lula Nell Sutton (born April 20, 1911, Clovis, New Mexico; died July 2, 1987) married David M. Thomas.
            Alice Elaine Thomas married Ronald Kimmel.
          Ruth (Mary Jane) Sutton (died in childhood)
         John Bell Sutton (born March 13, 1851; died November 13, 1933) married Ada Maples on February 7, 1877; married Myrtle Dodson Haught.
          Ora Ellen Sutton (born October 16, 1877; died August 17, 1962) married Lewis Crowley.
          Felix Sutton (died in infancy)
          Laura Sutton (died in infancy)
          Susan Rebecca (Susie) Sutton (born February 7, 1881; died August 28, 1955) married Henry Lee Harmon.
          Ollie Sutton (born May 25, 1882; died November 16, 1972)
          Margaret (Maggie) Sutton (born January 22, 1884)
          John Benton (Ben) Sutton (born February 27, 1885; died November 7, 1906, Lincoln, Nebraska)
          Rufus Sutton
          Raymond Francis (Ray) Sutton (born November 11, 1890; died March 8, 1954) married Mina Clara Meyer.
           Eugene Raymond Sutton married Martha Rose Spaulding.
            Joseph Raymond Sutton
            Rose Emilie Sutton married Mr. Tammi.
            Thomas Eugene Sutton
            Laura Mae Sutton married Benjamin Franklin Harville.
             Marian Rose Harville married Mr. Canzoniero.
             Jilliam Francis Harville married Mr. Sorensen.
             Christine Marie Harville married Mr. Grant.
          Leona Sutton (born February 22, 1892) married Willie Montgomery on September 3, 1916.
           Marvin Montgomery married Doris.
          Robert Covert Sutton
          Edward L. Sutton married Cleo Logue.
           Raymond Sutton married Anna McDonald.
            Pamela (Pamie) Sutton married Danny Rackard.
          Fred R. Sutton
         Jackson Madison (Jack) Sutton
         Thomas Jefferson (Tom) Sutton
         Nancy Adeline Sutton (died March 27, 1927) married James R. Duke.
          William Arthur Duke (born August 24, 1876; died 1907)
          James H. Duke (died in infancy)
          Jennie J. Duke (born September 26, 1881; died January 30, 1919) married William L. Hiett.
          Charles Henry (Charley) Duke (born December 31, 1884; died June 15, 1947) married Florence Melissa DeForest; married Iris Mott.
          Laura Elizabeth (Bessie) Duke (born September 24, 1887; died July 1907) married Hugh Stone on June 10, 1906.
          Florence Duke (born August 19, 1890; died May 24, 1911) married Spurgeon Thornton on May 9, 1909.
          Edna Duke (died in infancy)
         Allen S. Sutton
         Sublette Sutton
         Charles Day (Charlie) Sutton (born December 14, 1860, Houston, Missouri; died September 19, 1929) married Caroline Laveonia (Callie) Trusty.
          Eva Mae Sutton married Samuel Allen Hays.
          Arelia Ruth Sutton married Charles Travis Smith.
           Leland C. Smith
          Julia Pearl Sutton married James H. Keeney; married John H. Prior.
        Jeremiah Sutton
        William Sutton
        Charles Harvey (Harve) Latimer (born February 29, 1820, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
        Samuel Latimer
       146. Martha Day (born 1802; died 1854, DeWitt County, Illinois) married Hiram Chapin in 1819.
        John D. Chapin
        Stillman A. Chapin (born August 13, 1821)
        George D. Chapin
        Abraham D. Chapin
        Martha A. Chapin
        Elsey A. Chapin
        Rebecca H. Chapin
        Nancy A. Chapin
        Mary A. Chapin (died in infancy)
      24. Celia Sublett (born 1760, Virginia; died 1827) married 36. Abraham Sublett, her cousin, on May 9, 1782.
       (See children under 36. Abraham Sublett)
      25. George Allen Sublett (born around 1762, Virginia) married Isabella Akin on November 14, 1791.
       148. William Caldwell Sublett (born August 16, 1792, Virginia; died October 20, 1852; War of 1812 veteran) married Elizabeth Barnett on April 6, 1818, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
        1161. William Knox Sublett (born July 6, 1824, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died August 19, 1866, Lewis County, Missouri) married Sarah Barcly on March 26, 1857, in Missouri.
        1162. son (born around 1820)
        1163. son (born around 1822)
        1164. son (born around 1824)
        1165. son (born around 1826)
        1166. Isabelle Akin Sublett (born June 10, 1828, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died March 30, 1862) married Rhodam Lunsford Adams.
        1167. Willis A. Sublett (born around 1832)
        1168. Hubbard A. Sublett (born around 1834)
        1169. Akin Miller Sublett (born February 1838)
       149. Mary (Polly) Sublett (born 1794) married Elijah Hubbard on November 15, 1824, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
       150. Jabez A. Sublett (born July 8, 1815; died April 17, 1906) married Eliza Hogan (daughter of Samuel Hogan and Elizabeth Bright) on June 11, 1836, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
        Samuel P. Sublett (born May 1, 1837; died May 18, 1914; Civil War veteran)
        Benjamin F. Sublett (born March 12, 1846; died February 28, 1913) married Mollie F.
        Louisa Kathreen (Kate) Sublett (born November 11, 1850, Wayne County, Illinois; died September 4, 1938, Boone County, Missouri) married John Hibert Brink.
         Mattie G. Brink (born April 11, 1870; died July 25, 1969) married Amos Jennings.
          Herman C. Jennings (born 1889; died 1961) married Katie M. Wainscott.
          Hubert L. Jennings (born March 17, 1890; died February 25, 1976)
          Virgie Mae Jennings (born November 5, 1891; died November 24, 1983) married James Thomas Wade.
         Amanda E. Brink (born March 27, 1877; died March 30, 1900)
         William Andrew Brink (born April 3, 1881; died Jan. 19, 1968, Pima County, Arizona) married Margaret Augusta (Maggie) Allinger.
          George Andrew Brink (born August 16, 1909 Boone County, Missouri; died August 5, 2003, Jackson County, Missouri) married Hattie Ellen Kanatzar; married Frances.
           Beverly Faye Brink (born October 6, 1936, Boone County, Missouri; died December 7, 2005, Clay County, Missouri) married Stanley E. Gwin.
           Donald Ray Brink married Karen.
           Phyllis Kaye Brink (born May 6, 1944, Boone County, Missouri; died February 2, 2011, Cass County, Missouri) married Jerry Lake.
            Jeff Lake married Trishia.
            Lorey Lake married Gary Siwiec.
          Bob Brink
          Bessie Brink married Wilbur Paul Kimbley.
           Alice Rosalind Kimbley married John Sanford Bushman.
            Jay Bushman
            Kimbley (Kim) Ann Bushman married John Edward Kincaid.
             Seth Kincaid
             Noah Kincaid
            Tanna Bushman married Mr. Chaney.
          Vergie Helen Brink (born Sep. 26, 1920, Boone County, Missouri; died Nov. 12, 1923, Boone County, Missouri)
         David Mayer Brink (born March 4, 1891, Boone County, Missouri; died September 4, 1970, Boone County, Missouri) married Alice Louisa Prowell in 1913.
          Kathreen Brink married Mr. Taylor.
          Herschel Brink
          Wilbert Brink
          Harold Brink
          Martha Vivian Brink (born November 23, 1928, Boone County, Missouri; died May 10, 2012, St. Louis County, Missouri) married James (Blackie) Morris, Jr., on December 24, 1949, in Boone County, Missouri.
           Regina Kathreen (Kathy) Morris married Haden Smith.
            Cliff Smith
            Haden Morris Zavaglia Smith
           James Morris married Courtney.
           Tim Morris married Pamela.
        Amanda Sublett (born February 2, 1859, Boone County, Missouri; died September 1, 1938, Boone County, Missouri) married William C. Wade.
        Mattie M. Sublett (born July 11, 1862, Missouri; died October 25, 1902) married James Harvey Wade.
         Luther F. Wade (born July 8, 1884, Boone County, Missouri; died Dec. 1, 1971, Audrain County, Missouri) married Sarah Francis Shern on March 21, 1921.
          Miss Wade married Norman Combs.
          Miss Wade married Leo Robinson.
          Donald Wade
         Rosa (Rose) Wade married Mr. Murrell .
         Leona Wade married Mr. Sims.
         Ruie (Rue) Wade (born September, 22, 1891, Boone County, Missouri; died April 22, 1970, Boone County, Missouri) married Edgar Francis Forbis on February 27, 1910.
          Jesse Clayton Forbis (born January 21, 1911, Missouri; died August 19, 1965)
          Thelma Gladys Forbis (born May 6, 1916, Boone County, Missouri; died December 12, 1918, Boone County, Missouri)
          Naomi Dell Forbis (born September 23, 1919, Boone County, Missouri; died September 8, 1993, Callaway County, Missouri) married Ray F. Chism on May 17, 1941.
           John Wade Chism
           Barbara Ann Chism married Mr. Schnake.
           Jo Susan Chism
          Zula Frances Forbis (born October 15, 1924, Boone County, Missouri; died Oct. 11, 2005, Boone County, Missouri) married Samuel Eugene (Skip) Mordica on September 18, 1942, in Boone County, Missouri.
           Beverly Jean Mordica married Mr. Roberts.
            William E. F. (Bill) Roberts
       151. Philip C. Sublett (born around 1812, Lincoln County, Kentucky) married Mary Ann Stephens.
        Belle M. Sublett (born around 1842, Missouri)
        John A. Sublett (born around 1844, Missouri)
        Hannah C. Sublett (born around 1846, Missouri)
        George Sublett (born around 1849, Missouri; died 1885) married Susie F. Roberts on October 17, 1877, in Knox County, Missouri.
         Charles (Charley) Sublett (born around 1879, Missouri; died in infancy)
         Creston Chilion Sublett (born March 1, 1880, Missouri; died November 18, 1936, Columbia County, Washington) married Florence Belle Harrison around 1906.
         John Samuel Sublett (born January 31, 1882, Missouri) married Johanna (Hannah) Jacobeny Knapp.
          Beatrice Susie Sublett (born around 1906, Utah)
          John Lloyd Sublett (born around 1910, Utah; died 1978) married Lillian L. Walker on Mach 21, 1937.
           Laura J. Sublett married Mr. Sutherland.
           Carol L. Sublett (died 1997) married Mr. Ardito.
           John William Sublett married Joan Zeffren.
        William C. Sublett (born around 1851, Missouri)
        Nancy A. Sublett (born around 1853, Missouri)
        Valentine C. Sublett (born around 1857, Missouri)
        Josiah Sublett (born around 1859, Missouri)
        Mary Sublett (born around 1867, Missouri)
       152. Valentine Sublett (born around 1798)
      26. William Allen Sublett (born around 1764, Virginia; died 1839, Rutherford County, Tennessee) married Sarah (Sally) Akin on December 20, 1787, in Campbell County, Virginia; married Rebecca Brown Puckett on January 1, 1838, in Wilson County, Tennessee.
       161. George Allen Sublett (born around 1790, Virginia) married Elizabeth M. Ledbetter on May 29, 1821, in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
        William A. Sublett (born November 22, 1821, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died February 7, 1829, Rutherford County, Tennessee)
        1241. George Allen Sublett, Jr. (born August 20, 1826, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died February 8, 1829, Rutherford County, Tennessee)
        1242. David Sublett
        1243. Capt. Joseph Sublett (born 1839)
        1244. Isaac Sublett
        1245. Rebecca Sublett
        1246. Adelatine (Addie) Sublett (born around 1844) married Duke A. Harrison on October 6, 1856, in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
         Irvine Harrison
         Allen Harrison
         Robert Harrison
         N. D. Harrison
         Adelyn Harrison married Thomas Chalmers Johnson.
          John Burton Johnson married June Huskins.
           David Arthur Johnson married Joan Beatrice Simon.
            Scott David Johnson married Marie Bernadette Paquette.
            Mark Thomas Johnson
        1247. Mary A. Sublett married James W. Stewart on November 30, 1847.
        1248. Sarah Sublett (born 1833) married James W. Stewart on November 28, 1850.
         Mattie Stewart married Mr. Herrigus in Nashville, Tennessee.
         Mary Stewart
         D. M. Stewart
         James Stewart
         Joseph Stewart
        1249. Jane Isabella Sublett
       162. Abner Caldwell Sublett (born July 12, 1795, Virginia; died September 28, 1880, Rutherford County, Tennessee; publisher of the Courier newspaper) married Louisa Pryor Lewis.
        William Lewis Sublett
        George Allen Sublett married Miss Kennedy.
        Valentine M. Sublett (born 1830)
        John Caldwell Sublett (born 1832)
        Sarah Jane (Sallie) Sublett (born February 9, 1834, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died March 24, 1911) married Dr. Berryman Harvey Bilbro in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
         William Caldwell Bilbro (born July 4, 1862, Rutherford County, Tennessee) married Florence Nuckalls on November 2, 1892.
         Kate Harvey Bilbro (born September 24, 1868, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died June 3, 1948, Rutherford County, Tennessee) married James Arthur Martin on September 24, 1890.
        Susan Amanda Sublett (born June 15, 1836, Tennessee; died June 16, 1895, Rutherford County, Tennessee) married George Allen Brown on March 13, 1856.
         Sarah E. (Sallie) Brown (born January 21, 1857, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died September 17, 1939, Rutherford County, Tennessee)
         Margaret Hatton Brown (born June 14, 1859, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died December 29, 1943, Rutherford County, Tennessee)
         Louisa Ann (Lula) Brown (born August 11, 1860, Rutherford County, Tennessee) married William H. McAdoo on February 13, 1878, in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
         Horace O. Brown (born November 23, 1863, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died December 7, 1863)
         Emma Caldwell Brown (born December 4, 1865, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died November 2, 1960)
         Mary Bilbro Brown (born March 15, 1868, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died October 27, 1919) married William McLinn Jones on February 2, 1892.
         Sophia Pryor Brown (born May 2, 1870, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died November 15, 1950)
         William Allen Brown (born October 7, 1872, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died February 25, 1956)
         Ida Lewis Brown (born December 2, 1874, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died January 30, 1965)
         Adrianna Loughry Brown (born March 14, 1877, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died around 1881)
         Susan Helen Brown (born around 1880, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died in infancy)
        Horace Avander Sublett (born December 27, 1841; died May 30, 1907, Gibson County, Tennessee; Civil War Veteran) married Virginia Carolyn McAdoo on January 22, 1868, in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
         William Lee Sublett (born June 18, 1868; died December 7, 1909)
         John Caldwell Sublett (born October 27, 1869, Tennessee; died March 29, 1940, Madison County, Tennessee) married Lorena A. Taylor in 1899 in Gibson County, Tennessee.
          Emma Virginia Sublette (born October 13, 1900; died July 16, 1956, Madison County, Tennessee)
          William Lee Sublette (born March 4, 1905, Madison County, Tennessee; died January 1979, Tennessee) married Monte Fly.
           Jack Sublette
           Sue Sublette married Mr. Crocket.
           William Lane (Bill) Sublette (born March 4, 1940, Madison County, Tennessee; died January 23, 2011, Tennessee) married Katherine Galbraith.
            Nina Katherine Sublette (born May 25, 1967, Madison County, Tennessee)
            John William Sublette (born May 1, 1969, Madison County, Tennessee) married Lisa.
             John Matthew Sublette
             Brittany Michelle Sublette married Charles Thomas.
            William Charles Sublette (born October 26, 1970, Madison County, Tennessee) married Natasha Duncan on November 22, 1998.
             Duncan Charles Sublette (born December 2, 2000, Hillsborough County, Florida)
          James Lewis Sublette (born October 29, 1907; died January 23, 1908, Gibson County, Tennesse)
          Nancy Louise Sublette (born July 23, 1909, Tennessee; died March 1977; author of "Generations Remembered")
         Lucian Allen Sublett (born May 17, 1871, Tennessee; died July 18, 1939, Rutherford County, Tennessee)
         Joseph McAdoo Sublett (born February 11, 1872; died in infancy)
         Mary Luvenia (Dolly) Sublett (born February 12, 1874, Tennessee) married G. M. Patrick.
          Sarah Bilbro Patrick married Donovan B. Long.
           Sarah Long married Paul Hopper.
            P. Patrick Hopper
         Charlie Clifton Sublett (born March 7, 1876, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died June 6, 1970, Gibson County, Tennessee) married Vannie Norvell.
          Almer Sublett (born July 20, 1905, Tennessee; died October 1969) married Lillian.
           Charles Clifton Sublett, Sr., married Nancy Udell.
            Charles Clifton Sublett, Jr., married Kelly.
             Sean Michael Sublett (born March 8, 1983) married Megan Nicole Carson on September 24, 2011.
                Sawyer Harper Sublett (born July 30, 2014)
             Amanda Lynn Sublett (born November 7, 1990)
            Edward L. (Ed) Sublett (born December 26, 1969) married Jill E. Crapulli.
             Eric C. Sublett
             Justin M. Sublett
             Mariah E. Sublett
           Mary Sublett
           Judy Sublett
          Joseph Norvell Sublett (born January 26, 1910, Gibson County, Tennessee; died October 1984)
         Sarah Louise Sublett (born November 22, 1877; died in infancy)
         James Ira Sublett (born April 21, 1880, Tennessee; died February 5, 1928, Cheatam County, Tennessee)
         Jessie Hume Sublett (born January 23, 1882, Tennessee)
       163. Mary Ann Sublett (born 1797, Virginia; died 1843, Murfreesboro, Tennessee) married Robert Lawing on October 2, 1816, in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
        Sarah Lawing
        William A. Lawing (born November 17, 1818, Murfreesboro, Tennessee) married Angelina R. Weaver around 1847 in Christian County, Missouri.
         Martha Susan Lawing married Henry Clark.
         Mary Frances Lawing married Dr. Joseph Bertier.
         William Thomas Lawing
         Barbara Lawing married William Wrightsman.
         Lela Lawing married Stephen Bain.
         Adelaide Lawing married Joseph A. Hammon.
         John R. Lawing
         Blanche Lawing married Lora Horn.
         Amie Lawing married Thomas L. Robertson.
         Lola Lawing married L. H. Crawford.
        Mary Lawing married Preston Hatchitt, her cousin.
        Allen Lawing (died 1881, Arkansas)
        Susan S. Lawing married Mr. Vaughan.
         Judge Vaughan
        Frances Lawing married Mr. Sully (Sibley).
        Robert Lawing, Jr. (born August 4, 1825, Rutherford County, Tennessee; Civil War veteran) married Margaret B. McDaniel in 1847.
         Sarah Lawing (died 1883) married G. M. Wrightman.
         Robert J. Lawing
         John O. Lawing
         Marshall M. Lawing
         Samuel S. Lawing
         F. V. Lawing
         Mary C. Lawing
         William E. Lawing
         Effie Lawing married William L. Woody.
         George Lawing
         Fred H. Lawing
         Susan Lawing
         Marion Lawing
        Louisa Lawing
        James Lawing (died in the Civil War)
        Elizabeth Lawing
       164. William Scott Sublett (born January 11, 1799, Virginia; died August 20, 1857, Tarrant County, Texas) married Ann C. Robertson (Robinson) on February 9, 1821, in Rutherford County, Tennessee.
        1271. John William Sublett (born August 7, 1825, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died October 8, 1893, Tarrant County, Texas) married Martha Ann West.
         Preston Yancy Sublett (born September 28, 1854; died May 3, 1857)
         Charles A. Sublett (born December 22, 1856, Tarrant County, Texas) married Carrie Vaughan in 1891.
          John Sublett (born December 1891, Texas)
          Palmer Sublett (born March 10, 1893, Texas; died May 6, 1984, Cleveland County, Oklahoma) married Stella L.
          Ella M. Sublett (born around 1902, Tarrant County, Texas)
          Lillie Sublett (born around 1904)
          Frank Sublett (born around 1906, Tarrant County, Texas)
          Elisabeth Sublett (born around 1908)
          Bessie Sublett (born 1910, Tarrant County, Texas)
          Carnie Sublett (born around 1914, Tarrant County, Texas)
         Mary E. Sublett (born February 25, 1859) married C. Edward Elliot in 1880.
         John William Sublett (born March 2, 1861, Tarrant County, Texas; died October 2, 1937, Young County, Texas) married Naomi Thomas in 1886.
          Hinda Sublett (born February 1888, Texas)
          Fay Sublett (born December 17, 1889, Tarrant County, Texas; died November 26, 1979, Taylor County, Texas) married J. C. Blackwell on June 18, 1909, in Parker County, Texas.
         Sarah Ann Sublett (born August 24, 1863; died November 7, 1897) married Robert Alexander (Bob) Elliot, Jr., on August 24, 1880, in Tarrant County, Texas.
         Henry Ward Sublett (born February 5, 1868, Tarrant County, Texas) married Mary Alice Matlock on December 27, 1891, in Tarrant County, Texas; married Ossie Irene Davis on October 30, 1898, in Tarrant County, Texas.
          Joseph Herman Sublett (born 1892, Texas; died 1969, France) married Anne Marie S. Fevre in France; married Lucienne Christophe in France.
           Jean Edouard Sublett (born October 18, 1923, France) married Monique Castelain in France.
            Pascal Sublett (born July 10, 1957) married Elisabeth Dunglas.
             Two Children
            Corinne Sublett (born February 15, 1956) married E. De Bailliencourt.
            Laurent Sublett (born October 14, 1962)
           James Michel Sublett (born 1928, France) married Francoise Merlateau in France.
            Didier Sublett (born February 2, 1955, France)
             Grégoire Sublett (born December 15, 1987)
            Xavier Luc Sublett (born November 20, 1956, France) married Catherine Ferchaud.
             Anne Jénnifer Sublett (born November 14, 1981)
             François Sublett (born April 20, 1994)
            Olivier-Christophe Sublett (born August 3, 1959, France) married Susanne Lyng Jensen in Denmark.
             Marc Lyng Sublett (born November 28, 1989, France)
             Michelle Lyng Sublett (born November 13, 1990, France)
             Madeleine Lyng Sublett (born October 22, 1997, France)
            Gauthier-Bernard Sublett (born December 27, 1963, France) married Ann Marie Nebout.
             Aurélie Sublett (born July 27, 1989)
             François Sublett (born April 20, 1994)
            Matthieu Paul Sublett (born September 27, 1967, France; died April 24, 1994) married Karine Grillet.
             Maureen Sublett (born June 26, 1989)
            Joseph Henry Sublett (born August 7, 1971)
          John Dixon (Red) Sublett (famous rodeo clown; born November 29, 1893; died April 14, 1950, Dallas, Texas) married Mary Emma Harrison on March 25, 1922, in Tarrant County, Texas; married Venita Mavis Hahn.
          Alice Sublett (born September 13, 1896)
          Lelia Faye (Maud) Sublette (born around 1899; died December 18, 1963) married Mr. Capron; married Mr. Dean.
          Henry Davis (Daggett) Sublette (born August 1, 1902; died August 26, 1975) married Alyce Elizabeth Thomas.
           Robert Stephen Sublette (born September 23, 1945) married Charlotte Laverne Arnold; married Julie K. Webb on October 29, 1981.
            Charles Stephen Sublette (born November 14, 1966)
             Jessica Sublette
             Jacob Sublette
           Timothy Alan Sublette (born January 15, 1955) married Victoria J. Ronayne on June 25, 1977.
            Lucas Alan Sublette (born April 19, 1983)
            Nathaniel Jacob Sublette (born July 7, 1986)
          Irene Marguerite Sublette (born July 3, 1904; died May 1974) married Francis (Frank) Sparkman; married Richard Forte; married Arthur Cremer.
           Frances Tressa Sparkman married Buster Clovis Owen.
            Sandra Irene Owen (born October 14, 1947) married William D. McClenny on July 22, 1983.
            Carol Ann Owen (born June 8, 1957) married Charles A. Weise on September 19, 1981.
          Edna Beulah Sublette (born April 17, 1906; died April 30, 1999) married William Terrell Ellis.
           Billy Carol Ellis (born June 18, 1934) married Sandra Ann Dillard; married Denise Margaret Taylor on March 15, 1969.
            Taylor Elizabeth Ellis (born October 1, 1981)
         Cora A. Sublett (born October 29, 1870; died March 2, 1908, Tarrant County, Texas) married John Hilton Elliot in 1894 in Tarrant County, Texas.
         Augustus Collier Sublett (born January 13, 1873, Alabama; died June 20, 1952, Tarrant County, Texas) married Maggie Charity Matlock on December 25, 1892.
          Weaver Sublett
          Dr. Collier Matlock Sublett (born May 4, 1898, Tarrant County, Texas; died June 23, 1963, Kleberg County, Texas) married Bessie Mae Walker on June 10, 1924, in Lonoke County, Arkansas; married Ninon Yeager in 1940.
           Collier Matlock (Chuck) Sublett, Jr. (born November 4, 1944, Kleberg County, Texas) married Janet Kay Rhode on August 15, 1970, in Travis County, Texas; married Kay L. Goss on October 2, 1999, in Travis County, Texas.
            Jennifer Rachel Sublett (born January 24, 1979)
            Robert (Robbie) Collier Sublett (born November 1, 1983, Travis County, Texas; stage, film, and TV actor)
          Mattie Sublett (born October 7, 1900; died December 4, 1975)
          Coulter Robert Sublett (born February 15, 1911; died 1995) married Annie Bob Rainey.
           Barbara Ann Sublett (born December 2, 1939, Smith County, Texas)
            Katie Guthrie Sublett
        1272. Isaiah (James) Preston Sublett (born 1827; died in Denton, Texas) married Susan Cawthorn on September 25, 1841.
         John Hubbard Sublett (born 1859; died 1942, Denton, Texas) married Lydia Catherine.
          John (Subby) Sublett
          Ida Mae Sublett
          Loy Benson Sublett (died 1955, Glendale, Arizona) married Effie Elizabeth Ramsey.
           Loy Belle Sublett (died 1986, Long Beach, California)
           John Alvin Sublett (born October 5, 1911, Denton, Texas; died November 12, 1973, Tracy, California) married Elizabeth Edna Clausen on June 14, 1936, in Florence, Arizona.
            Elizabeth Ann Sublett married Lester James Bunner; married Leman Dee Lawrence; married Forrest Cleo Harter.
             Cynthia Ann Bunner
             Kathleen Elizabeth Bunner
             Susan Camille Bunner
             Barbara Lee Lawrence
            Nancy Jo Sublett married Donnie Ray Brooksher.
             Donna Jo Brooksher
             Randal Ray Brooksher
             Steven Douglas Brooksher
            Samuel John Sublett married Judith Marie Spencer; married Linda; married Elizabeth Ann Redmond.
             Carolyn Marie Sublett
             Heidi Louise Sublett
             Trudy Jane Sublett
             Amy Kathleen Sublett
           LeRoy Benson Sublett
        1273. Daniel W. Sublett (born around 1839, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died in the Civil War) married Mollie Thrasher.
        1274. Susan Ann Sublett (born June 10, 1837, Rutherford County, Tennessee; died 1904, Tarrant County, Texas) married Wharton Rector Collins, Jr., in 1850 in Selby County, Texas; married Samuel Wellington Alexander Hook in 1862.
         John Hervey Collins
          Alvin Raymond Collins married Velma Puckett.
           Alvin Raymond Collins, Jr., married Dorothy.
        1275. Sarah E. Sublett (born around 1836, Rutherford County, Tennessee) married John Purvis.
        1276. Mary Elizabeth Sublett (born around 1838, Rutherford County, Tennessee) married Bartlett Sawyer on December 24, 1843, in Wilson County, Tennessee.
         William E. P. Sawyer (born September 29, 1844, Wilson County, Tennessee; died September 1919, Erath County, Texas) married Josephine Juriah Ellis around 1873.
          Lou Beall Sawyer (born May 8, 1876, Tarrant County, Texas) married Matthew Stuart Blanton on July 10, 1900, in Tarrant County, Texas.
           Matthew Sawyer Blanton, Sr. (born November 15, 1907, Tarrant County, Texas) married Jennie Louise Hooper on December 25, 1934.
            Matthew Sawyer Blanton, Jr.
            Sue Beall Blanton (born March 3, 1936, Tarrant County, Texas) married Billy Earl Shaffer on June 5, 1959, in Tarrant County, Texas.
        Frances A. Sublett (born around 1849, Rutherford County, Tennessee)
       165. Elizabeth Sublett
       166. Valentine Sublett
       167. Susan Sublett married Archie Hatchitt.
        Thomas Hatchitt
        William Hatchitt
        Susan Hatchitt
        Preston Hatchitt married Mary Lawing, his cousin.
       168. Preston L. Sublett
       169. Sarah Sublett married John Black.
        Mary Caldwell Black
      27. Susanna Sublett (born around 1766, Virginia) married Jesse Lowe on September 18, 1781, in Charlotte County, Virginia.
       171. George Allen Lowe (born September 20, 1782, Charlotte County, Virginia; died September 17, 1835, Hot Springs County, Arkansas) married Martha (Patsy) Wilkerson on April 4, 1809, in Lincoln County, Kentucky; married Tabitha Owen in 1816.
        1301. Mary Wilkerson Lowe (born July 1, 1810, Madison County, Alabama; died August 20, 1849, Sabinetown, Louisiana) married Samuel Walker Walton on January 22, 1829, in Madison County, Alabama; married Benjamin C. Strange in Carroll County, Mississippi.
         5801. George Lowe Walton (born January 27, 1830; died February 21, 1909, Concordia Parish, Louisiana) married Amanda Moore on April 5, 1855, in Concordia Parish, Louisiana.
          George Sublett Walton (born January 16, 1856, Austin, Texas; died March 11, 1922) married Emilie Palm on January 4, 1888, in Austin, Texas.
           Louise Walton married Edwin Warnken; married Dr. Herbert N. Barnett.
          William Graham Walton
          Matilda (Mattie) Walton married William L. Jackson in 1888 in Natchez, Mississippi.
         5802. Willaim Martin Walton (born January 17, 1832, Canton, Mississippi; died 1915, Austin, Texas; Attorney General of Texas) married Letitia A. Watkins in 1854.
          Newton Walton
          Sarah Walton married J. J. Parmelee.
         5803. Philip Walton (died in childhood)
         5804. Jesse Newton Walton (died in childhood)
         5805. Mary Louise Walton (died in childhood)
         5806. Susan Virginia Strange (born February 12, 1844, Carroll County, Mississippi; died November 27, 1896, New Orleans, Louisiana) married Newell Tilton in 1860 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
          Nine Children
         5807. Emily Strange (born 1846; died 1880) married Arthur St. Clair.
         5808. Robert Strange (died in infancy)
        1302. Louisa H. Lowe married Benjamin Key.
        1303. Philip Lowe married Elsie Key.
        1304. Elizabeth P. (Betsy) Lowe married Robert Walton on November 28, 1833, in Madison County, Alabama.
        1305. Jesse Lowe
        1306. Thomas Lowe
        1307. Martha (Patsy) Lowe (born February 23, 1823, Madison County, Alabama; died January 10, 1886, Shreveport, Louisiana) married Mr. Mandeville; married Reuben White on November 22, 1841.
         5851. Julia Tabitha White (born January 6, 1845) married Charles Lewis Robards on May 6, 1868.
          Mattie Robards married August Mayer in Shreveport, Louisiana.
           Julia Robards Mayer
           Randolph H. Mayer
           Katherine Mayer
           Vernon Robards Mayer
           Lowe Reade Mayer
           Charles Lewis Mayer
         5852. Annie White (born around 1857) married J. H. VanHoose in Shreveport, Louisiana.
          Julia M. VanHoose married Harvy N. Cornell.
          Hugh VanHoose
          Gordon VanHoose
         5853. Lillian White married Dr. W. L. Egan in Shreveport, Louisiana.
          Ardis Loe Egan
          Cronan Egan
          Lillian Egan
        1308. George Lowe
        1309. Mary Lowe
       172. Philip Sublett Lowe (born September 2, 1784, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Mary Bedford.
        George Allen Lowe
        Susan Lowe married Samuel Davis, her cousin.
       173. Martha Lowe (born May 4, 1786, Charlotte County, Virginia; died around 1859, Attala County, Mississippi) married Joseph L Davis.
        Susan Allen Davis (born December 20, 1809, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died November 4, 1851, Attala County, Mississippi) married John W. Henderson.
         Joseph D. Henderson (born around 1830, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; died around 1863, Cleveland County, Arkansas) married Sarah Ann Williams.
          Susan Allen Henderson (born September 7, 1854, Mississippi; died March 26, 1906, Cleveland County, Arkansas) married William Madison Thornton on December 22, 1881, in Dorsey County, Arkansas.
           Joseph William Thornton, Sr. (born October 8, 1882) married Peoria Pearl Parker.
            Joseph William Thornton, Jr. (born July 16, 1917, Jefferson County, Arkansas; died October 22, 1992, Lonoke County, Arkansas) married Cynthia Lena Cantrell on June 28, 1941, in Lonoke County, Arkansas.
             Margaret Jo Thornton (born September 10, 1944, Jefferson County, Arkansas) married Robert Clifton Dill on December 29, 1966, in Lonoke County, Arkansas.
                Callie Cantrell Dill (born July 17, 1975, Jefferson County, Arkansas)
                Ryan Thornton Dill (born May 4, 1979, Jefferson County, Arkansas)
         Mary J. Henderson (born October 10, 1837, Alabama; died May 15, 1904, Attala County, Mississippi)
         Virginia Elizabeth Henderson (born March 3, 1844, Attala County, Mississippi; died December 8, 1923, Walthall County, Mississippi) married Abram Thomas Greer.
          Robert Bruce Greer (born November 20, 1866; died around 1887)
          Sarah Jane Greer (born December 9, 1868; died February 12, 1872, Attala County, Mississippi)
          Thomas S. Greer (born October 1, 1871; died July 17, 1872)
          Lavinia Abigail Greer (born 1875, Mississippi; died 1914, Attala County, Mississippi) married Fredrick Lopez Campell.
           Frederick Maurice Campbell (born 1897, Attala County, Mississippi; died February 1924, Washington County, Mississippi)
           Fannie Campbell (born March 3, 1899, Attala County, Mississippi; died January 31, 1970, Hinds County, Mississippi)
           Empress Campbell (born December 22, 1901, Mississippi; died August 1987, Hinds County, Mississippi)
          Myrtle Virginia Greer (born March 18, 1877, Attala County, Mississippi; died November 5, 1953, Indian River County, Florida)
          Mattie Sue Greer (born July 1, 1879; died April 13, 1880, Attala County, Mississippi)
          Abram H. Greer (born June 15, 1881; died May 30, 1885, Attala County, Mississippi)
          Mary E. Greer (born August 10, 1885; died July 9, 1886, Attala County, Mississippi)
         Susan L. Henderson (born January 1, 1848; died May 6, 1885, Attala County, Mississippi)
        Mary O. Davis married L. Hendricks.
        Jane Davis married Mr. Teague.
        Samuel Davis married Susan Lowe, his cousin.
       174. David Lowe (born August 25, 1788, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Nancy Givert.
        Garret Lowe married Miss Miller.
        Martha Lowe married William Rogers.
        Catherine Lowe married John Jones.
       175. Susannah Lowe (born April 30, 1790, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Samuel (Joseph) Sprawl.
        Margaret Sproul married James Bracken.
        Willis Sproul
        Jesse Sproul married Miss Hoffman.
       176. Thomas Lowe (born May 20, 1792, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Margaret Dudgeon.
       177. William Sublett Lowe (born January 5, 1795, Charlotte County, Virginia) married Lucretia Phillips.
       178. Mary Hunt Lowe (born August 19, 1796, Charlotte County, Virginia) married John Warren.
        Caldwell Warren
        Elizabeth Warren
        Amanda Warren married Mr. Woods.
        John Warren
        Mary Warren married M. Rushing.
        Thomas Warren
       179. Nancy Branch Lowe (born August 4, 1798, Lincoln County, Kentucky) married Jesse James.
        Mary Lowe James (born around 1820) married Mr. Pharr.
        John Lowe James (born around 1821)
       180. John Jefferson (Jeff) Lowe (born July 18, 1800, Lincoln County, Kentucky) married 1802. Elizabeth Jordan (Betsey) Sublett, his second cousin.
        1391. Willis Lowe
        1392. Thomas Lowe
        1393. Philip Lowe
        1394. Monroe Lowe
        1395. Celia Lowe married Mr. Huffman.
        1396. Mary Jane Lowe married Mr. McMillan.
        1397. Susan Dement Lowe married Mr. Robinson.
        1398. Martha Ann Lowe
       181. Celia (Selah) Williams Lowe (born March 11, 1802, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died October 30, 1852, Madison County, Alabama) married John Dement on October 1, 1820.
        1401. Alfred Thomas Dement
        1402. Willis Fields Dement
        1403. Susan Sublett Dement married George B. Smith.
        1404. Mary Ann Dement
        1405. John Jefferson Dement (born May 13, 1830, Madison County, Alabama; died August 10, 1892, Douglas County, Georgia) married Cornelia Clopton Binford on January 27, 1869.
         Henry B. Dement
         Robert S. Dement
         Sarah B. Dement (born around 1879)
         John J. Dement (born 1881; died 1889)
         William R. Dement
         Susan Dement (born around 1887) married M. R. Moorman.
        1406. Elverton Fields Dement
        1407. Cornelia Jane Dement (born around 1834) married Robert H. Hereford; married R. J. Searcy.
        1408. Martha Eliza (Mattie) Dement (born June 1, 1838) married Lucian B. Burrus in February 1855.
         LaFayette Burrus
         Fletcher Burrus
         Jefferson Burrus
         Kathleen Burrus married Mr. Alexander.
         Susan Burrus married Mr. Watson.
        1409. Philip Lowe Dement
        1410. Ann Catherine (Kate) Dement married Benjamin Robert Thompson.
         John Jefferson Dement Thompson
         Percy Thompson married Beatrix.
        1411. Lowe Adolphus Dement
       182. Willis Fields Lowe (born March 26, 1805, Lincoln County, Kentucky) married Miss Phillips.
        Susan D. Lowe
        David Lowe
      28. Nancy Sublett (born September 13, 1768) married Bartlee Greenwood on October 13, 1785, in Campbell County, Virginia.
       183. Elizabeth Greenwood (born February 18, 1787)
       184. Abraham S. Greenwood (born May 1, 1789)
       185. William Mc. (Mac) Greenwood (born March 6, 1791, Virginia; died September 7, 1873, Illinois) married Elizabeth Legg on July 11, 1814, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
        1441. Sophia A. Greenwood (born September 3, 1815) married George J. Emerick.
        1442. John M. Greenwood (born December 29, 1817, Breckenridge County, Kentucky) married Catherine Flora on November 23, 1848, in Mercer County, Illinois.
         Thomas J. Greenwood (born September 23, 1849) married Jennie Goddard on September 22, 1881.
         Robert Greenwood (born around 1851) married Sena.
         John Edward Greenwood (born around 1853)
         Emily F. Greenwood (born around 1857)
         Abbie Greenwood (born around 1863)
         Frank Greenwood (born around 1867)
         Charles Greenwood (born January 1870)
        1443. G. Bartlee Greenwood (born October 24, 1820, Breckenridge County, Kentucky) married Dorothy (Dolly) Clifton.
         7431. William L. Greenwood (born July 14, 1844, Jefferson County, Iowa; Civil War veteran) married Martha J. Patch in Clay County, Kansas.
          Zuda Greenwood (died in childhood)
          Bryant Greenwood
          Lucretia Greenwood
          Floyd Greenwood
         7432. John Ira Greenwood (born around 1846; died November 15, 1933, Smith County, Kansas) married Mary E. Belden.
          Emma Bell Greenwood (born August 14, 1872, Clay County, Kansas) married George Darling in 1887.
           Perry Darling married Lettie Neffendorf.
            Lt. Col. Kenneth Perry Darling (born November 18, 1921, Norton County, Kansas; died October 12, 1983)
          Lewis B. Greenwood (born March 28, 1875, Republic County, Kansas; died January 11, 1960, Omaha, Nebraska) married Annie Woods.
          Edward C. Greenwood (born July 17, 1880, Mitchell County, Kansas) married Myrtle Laura Carter on September 3, 1902.
         7433. Joseph W. Greenwood married Elizabeth.
         7434. Lee Greenwood (born around 1850)
         7435. Sarah Greenwood (born around 1856)
         7436. James J. Greenwood (born around 1857)
         7437. Dinah Elizabeth Greenwood (born October 14, 1860, Davies County, Missouri; died April 27, 1936, Cloud County, Kansas) married Matthew Maddox on March 28, 1877, in Cloud County, Kansas.
          John Bartlett Maddox (born April 19, 1878, Cloud County, Kansas; died September 3, 1931) married Louie Belle Glidden on October 25, 1898, in Cloud County, Kansas.
           Marcella Almeda Maddox (born January 4, 1902, Cloud County, Kansas; died March 3, 1961, Delta County, Colorado) married Stanley Van Hocker on August 18, 1923, in Garfield County, Colorado.
            Mitzie Madge Hocker (born September 15, 1931, Mesa County, Colorado; died November 7, 2013, Delta County, Colorado) married Eugene Earl Gabriel, Sr., on September 15, 1950, in Delta County, Colorado.
             Neila Jean Gabriel (born July 16, 1951, Delta County, Colorado) married Don Ray Arnn on October 11, 1969, in White Pine County, Nevada; married Danny Swapp in Washington County, Utah.
                Andy Ray Arnn (born April 8, 1970, White Pine County, Nevada) married Tracy Mascia on September 7, 2013.
                Dax Stanley Arnn (born December 28, 1972, White Pine County, Nevada) married Amy Morehead.
                  Ashley Arnn
                  Hunter Arnn
                  Connor Arnn
                Gabe Michael Arnn (born January 16, 1978, White Pine County, Nevada) married Rachael Schneider.
                  Sage Arnn
                  Zion Arnn
             Cynthia Diane Gabriel (born November 4, 1953, Delta County, Colorado; died September 28, 2011, White Pine County, Nevada) married Samuel Sherman Smith on June 10, 1972, in White Pine County, Nevada; married Jeffrey Walter Paff on March 11, 1981, in White Pine County, Nevada.
                Forest Samuel Smith (born March 27, 1974, White Pine County, Nevada) married Molly Patterson on September 6, 2003.
                  Sage Smith
                  Kimber Smith
                Rachael Danielle Smith (born March 25, 1978, White Pine County, Nevada) married Jeremy Finady; married Jason Grossman.
                  Alorah Grossman
                J.W. Paff (born April 11, 1981, White Pine County, Nevada) married Shanna on May 31, 2005.
             Eugene Earl Gabriel, Jr. (born December 31, 1956, Delta County, Colorado) married Tina Aline Webb on October 15, 1977; married DeAnn Hubbell.
                Daniel Eugene Gabriel (born April 20, 1978, Washoe County, Nevada) married Erin Rose.
                  JoAnn Rose Gabriel
                  Robert Gabriel
                Marci Ilene Gabriel (born December 30, 1979, Hawthorne County, Nevada) married Mike Moore on December 2, 2012.
                Robert Mitchell Gabriel (born March 4, 1981, Hawthorne County, Nevada) married Jolene McDowell.
                  Bo Gabriel
                  Dyllon Gabriel
                  Donovan Michael Gabriel
             Karen Sue Gabriel (born May 7, 1959, White Pine County, Nevada) married Rickie T. Miears on November 5, 1981, in White Pine County, Nevada; married Royce Engan.
                Christopher David Miears (born February 17, 1982, Natrona County, Wyoming) married Ellissa Valdez.
                  Tanaya Miears
                Dawn Marie Miears (born March 11, 1986, White Pine County, Nevada.
                  Nicholaus Miears
                  Katelyn Miears
                  Aiden Miears
                Garret Engan married Samantha Rene.
                  Connor Engan
                  Lucas Engan
             Steve Allen Gabriel (born July 18, 1962, White Pine County, Nevada) married Ronda Lenore Barnes Chambers on October 2, 1984, in Washington County, Utah; married Pamela Marie Womack Lund on July 16, 1992, in Elmore County, Idaho.
                Sarah Ranae Gabriel (born April 14, 1980, Iron County, Utah)
                Joseph Preston Gabriel (born September 7, 1985, Elmore County, Idaho) married Samantha Chiesa in June 2009 in Salt Lake County, Utah.
                  Benjamin Joseph Gabriel
                  Hannah Maria Gabriel
                Hilari Rose Gabriel (born March 17, 1987, Elmore County, Idaho)
                Christopher Alan Lund (born November 1982, Elmore County, Idaho)
                John Michael Lund (born August 1983, Elmore County, Idaho)
             Tim Brice Gabriel (born February 17, 1966, Washoe County, Nevada; died October 2, 2000)
             Sally Ann Gabriel (born September 11, 1968, Clark County, Nevada) married Wayne Stanley Brickey on August 10, 1985; married T. J. Holderness.
                Kyle Stanley Brickey (born October 6, 1985)
                Tyler Holderness
                Allyssa Holderness
             Mark Van Gabriel (born July 15, 1969, White Pine County, Nevada)
           Morella Elizabeth Maddox (born January 4, 1902, Cloud County, Kansas; died March 3, 1961, Delta County, Colorado)
           Lyle Alvin Maddox
           Geneva Isabell Maddox
         7438. Stephen A. Greenwood (born around 1861)
         7439. Samuel B. Greenwood (born around 1863)
         7440. Addie B. Greenwood (born around 1865)
         7441. Laura A. Greenwood (born around 1867)
         7442. Cantha Greenwood (born around 1868)
        1444. Joseph Greenwood (born March 16, 1823; died in infancy)
        1445. William Lewis Greenwood (born March 27, 1824, Breckenridge County, Kentucky; died March 15, 1887)
         Jack Greenwood
        1446. Elizabeth Greenwood (born June 3, 1828; died in infancy)
        1447. Thomas A. Greenwood (born July 8, 1832, Illinois; Civil War veteran)
        1448. Caroline F. Greenwood (born November 19, 1835, Illinois) married Samuel Brown on June 1, 1854, in Mercer County, Illinois.
         Harmon G. Brown
         Maxy Brown (born around 1858) married George G. Cheney.
         George E. Brown (born around 1861)
         Grant Brown (born around 1863)
         Mary E. Brown (born around 1866)
         Samuel Brown, Jr.
         Katy G. Brown
        1449. George Washington Greenwood (born May 20, 1838, Mercer County, Illinois; died January 30, 1927, Topeka, Kansas; Civil War veteran) married Sarah McKinley Hardy on January 9, 1861, in Mercer County, Illinois.
         Theodore Greenwood (born November 20, 1861, Mercer County, Illinois)
         Ashford Willaim Greenwood (born October 6, 1865, Mercer County, Illinois)
         Lewis Henry Greenwood (born August 15, 1867, Mercer County, Illinois; died January 5, 1911)
         Trissa Ellen Greenwood (born October 10, 1870, Mercer County, Illinois) married R. G. Merrick.
         Octavia Greenwood (born June 6, 1878) married Mr. O'Neil.
       186. Susanna A. Greenwood (born February 16, 1793, Virginia; died 1886, Mercer County, Missouri) married Richard Austin Flint on February 24, 1813, in Lincoln County, Kentucky; married John Cox on October 17, 1823, in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
        1451. Martha (Patsy) Flint (born August 26, 1813, Lincoln County, Kentucky; died September 16, 1901, Grundy County, Missouri) married Gideon Bosley on August 15, 1829, in Orange County, Indiana.
         Abraham Greenwood Bosley (born July 19, 1830, Orange County, Indiana; died December 11, 1865, Mahaska County, Iowa) married Priscilla McCray on October 14, 1855, in Mercer County, Missouri.
          Preston Myers Bosley (born November 17, 1856, Mercer County, Missouri; died August 4, 1918, Blaine County, Montana) married Antoinette B. Everett on November 5, 1876, in Mercer County, Missouri.
          William McCray Bosley (born February 29, 1860, Mercer County, Missouri; died April 4, 1941, Grundy County, Missouri) married Mary Elizabeth Stanturf on December 26, 1880, in Grundy County, Missouri.
          Franklin Bosley (born December 23, 1863, Grundy County, Missouri; died January 29, 1915)
          Martha Jane Bosley (born April 7, 1866, Grundy County, Missouri; died January 23, 1954, Washington County, Iowa) married David Nathaniel Haney on June 18, 1885, in Grundy County, Missouri.
           Josephine Nell Haney married F. Dickinson Letts (Congressman from Iowa) on July 20, 1916.
         Susanna Bosley (born September 21, 1831, Clay County, Illinois) married Tipton Edwards.
         John M. Bosley (born October 22, 1832, Clay County, Illinois; died April 1872, Grundy County, Missouri) married Florence Reynolds on July 15, 1858, in Grundy County, Missouri.
          Frank Lloyd Bosley (born October 22, 1859, Mercer County, Missouri; died June 5, 1937, Grundy County, Missouri) married May Booher on November 20, 1888, in Grundy County, Missouri.
          John Bosley (born May 1860, Grundy County, Missouri; died in childhood)
          Martha Jane (Mattie) Bosley (born September 1, 1862, Grundy County, Missouri; died June 9, 1906, Reno County, Kansas) married Abraham Lincoln Deck on September 15, 1882, in Grundy County, Missouri.
          Mary (Molly) Bosley (born 1865, Missouri) married Isaac Dilley on January 31, 1884, in Grundy County, Missouri.
          Ella Bosley (born 1867, Missouri) married William E. Booher on October 9, 1887, in Grundy County, Missouri.
          Cornelia A. Bosley (born 1869, Missouri) married Mr. Neely around 1889.
         Benjamin F. Bosley (born March 15, 1837, Clay County, Illinois; died May 4, 1905, Grundy County, Missouri; Civil War veteran) married Louisiana Sailor on March 20, 1859, in Grundy County, Missouri; married Sarah Etherton; married Louisa (Lou) Stinnett on September 27, 1880.
          Lewis Bosley
          Belle Bosley married Mr. Leverton.
          Edward Bosley
          Charles Bosley
          Bertha Bosley married William Sherman Tharp in 1896.
          Elmer Bosley
          William M. (Will) Bosley (born March 25, 1887; died December 28, 1968)
          Daisy Bosley married Mr. Hurt.
          May Bosley married Mr. Hershberger.
          Claude Bosley married Mr. Tibbs.
         George Bowman Bosley (born January 21, 1840, Clay County, Illinois; died March 19, 1878, Garfield County, Washington) married Martha Angeline Abel on November 5, 1862, in Wapello County, Iowa.
         James Perry Bosley (born February 1, 1843, Clay County, Illinois; died 1863; Civil War veteran)
         Joseph Lee Bosley (born January 19, 1846)
         Lucretia (Loucretia) Bosley (born October 18, 1848)
         Richard Milton Bosley (born February 10, 1850, Clay County, Illinois; died January 22, 1943, Polk County, Oregon) married Sally (Mary Ann) Simpson on October 22, 1872, in Grundy County, Missouri.
         Rebecca N. Bosley (born May 5, 1853)
        1455. James Monroe Cox (born July 12, 1824, Orange County, Indiana; died April 11, 1874, Mercer County, Missouri) married Miranda Elizabeth Helm on February 1, 1849, in Clay County, Illinois.
         Isham Hester Cox (born 1849, Clay County, Illinois; died 1851)
         Lucretia Caroline Cox (born December 3, 1851, Clay County, Illinois; died April 27, 1906) married Joseph Denny.
         Alice Catherine Cox (born October 2, 1854, Mercer County, Missouri; died February 2, 1946) married Riley Dixon.
         Joseph Reid Cox (born December 29, 1856, Mercer County, Missouri; died May 22, 1916)
         Launa Elizabeth Cox (born April 5, 1861, Mercer County, Missouri; died November 3, 1947) married Joseph Harrison McHargue.
        1456. Oliver H. D. Cox (born January 6, 1826)
        1457. Bartlett Cox (born August 29, 1828)
        1458. John Cox (born March 13, 1831)
        1459. Lucretia Cox (born February 5, 1833; died September 12, 1847)
       187. John (Jack) Greenwood (born July 18, 1796)
       188. Sally Greenwood (born July 8, 1799) married William Childress on October 10, 1819.
       189. Patsey Greenwood (born November 15, 1801) married Harrison Brown.
       190. Lee Greenwood (born May 8, 1804) married Barbara Feland on March 4, 1828.
       191. Lucretia Greenwood (born December 19, 1806)
       192. George A. Greenwood (born June 21, 1809)
      29. Abraham Sublett (born around 1770, Virginia) married Polly Smith on September 6, 1790, in Charlotte County, Virginia.
       193. Susanna Sublett married John L. Chisholm on June 26, 1818, in Green County, Kentucky.
        John S. Chisham (born around 1821, Kentucky; died March 6, 1903, Taylor County, Kentucky)
        Nancy Chisham (born February 8, 1823, Green County, Kentucky; died January 9, 1892, Taylor County, Kentucky)
        Elizabeth Ann Chisim (born around 1828, Green County, Kentucky; died around 1900, Illinois)
        Susan S. Chisham (born around 1836, Kentucky; died around 1907, Texas)
        Bernard A. Chisham (born around 1839, Kentucky)
        Marianne Manerva Chisham (born around 1841, Kentucky)
        Naomi Chisholm (born November 29, 1844, Tayor County, Kentucky; died December 12, 1917, Ohio County, Kentucky)
       194. John Smith Sublett (born around 1797; died around 1861, Clinton County, Kentucky; War of 1812 veteran) married Celia Huff in 1828, Overton County, Tennessee.
        Alexander Sublett (born around 1830)
        Henry William Sublett (born November 6, 1831, Fentress County, Tennessee; died April 28, 1890, Eastland County, Texas) married Sophia Mills Elliott around 1858 in Clinton County, Kentucky.
         Lola Montez Sublett (born January 19, 1859, Fentress County, Tennessee; died April 29, 1946, Comanche County, Texas) married Elias Plott, Jr., on March 25, 1875, in Comanche County, Texas.
         Phillip Allen Sublett (born December 1862, Clinton County, Kentucky; died January 31, 1929, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) married Mary Alice Bledsoe on February 12, 1885, in Johnson County, Texas; married Myrta Jackson around 1893.
          Nell Sublett (born November 20, 1886, Johnson County, Texas; died March 24, 1965, Brazos County, Texas) married Emar Taylor Smith; married Joe A. Demottier.
          Bess (Bessie) Alice Sublett (born October 12, 1888, Johnson County, Texas; died December 19, 1975, Harris County, Texas) married Emmette Jesse Wallace on June 17, 1908, in Johnson County, Texas.
           Emmette Bledsoe Wallace (born February 6, 1911, Johnson County, Texas; died March 14, 1999, Bell County, Texas) married Martha Virginia Loveless on August 31, 1941, in Wise County, Texas.
            Martha Patricia Wallace
            William Michael Wallace married Margaret Francis Nelson Wright.
             Tiana Michelle Wallace
             Sara Kay Wallace
           Philip Thomas Wallace married Janice Tachias.
            Marsha Lynn Wallace
            Mark Steven Wallace
            Douglas Phillip Wallace
           William Harold Wallace married Betty Jean Williamson.
            Marilyn Lynn Wallace married Larry Howard Friedman; married Glenn Shealey.
             Michael Louis Friedman
             Mark Edward Friedman
             Leslie Anne Friedman
            Lawerence Emmette Wallace married Sharon Denise Lambert.